Crossover November: Should Gotham season 4 join the Arrow-verse?

Gotham season 4Earlier this season on Arrow the CW show did a rather surprising thing: They actually referenced Bruce Wayne in a more obvious way than ever before. While we knew that the character existed within the Arrow-verse thanks to a few references here and there, it has been for the most part under the radar. One of the reasons for that could just be the folks over at Warner Bros. are obviously very protective of some of their properties and they don’t want one brand to (potentially) hurt another. By and large we do think that they worry about this sort of thing so much more than they really should, but it’s their brand and they’ve got the ability to do whatever they want with it. (Yes, that includes making Batman v. Superman, a questionable movie more so than the majority of Gotham episodes.)

With this Bruce Wayne reference in mind, is there ever a chance for Gotham to join the Arrow-verse? While we don’t think that was meant to set up the show joining the ranks of Arrow or any of the other CW shows, there is an interesting case for it worth exploring in this new chapter of our month-long CarterMatt Crossover November series.

How it happens – What if Gotham is Earth-7, or some other universe in which the Particle Accelerator accident did not happen and there are no superheroes (with super powers) anywhere? Maybe this is a world where people still drive old-timey cars and it’s a time period in which Bruce Wayne is still a teenager. With all of the inter-dimensional travel and time-travel capabilities that everyone from Cisco Ramon to the Legends of Tomorrow have, there are some interesting ways in which characters could navigate over to Gotham.

From here, can you imagine what an Oliver Queen could look like investigating a crime alongside Jim Gordon? (We feel like these guys would actually get along rather well.) Meanwhile, Penguin would probably have a field day with the likes of Damien Darhk or Captain Cold (at least an alive version of him). Basically, the idea is that you throw some characters into Gotham, let them run wild, and then see what happens.

Should it happen? – There’s a lot of fun that stems from this idea in theory since it makes sense to get as many great DC Comics characters in the same place at the same time. Unfortunately, there are two issues, starting with the tone of Gotham being dramatically different than most of the CW shows. It’s too gritty and we’re not sure that any of the humor you get on The Flash or Supergirl would transfer over. There’s also the issue of Gotham airing on Fox — we do wonder if The CW would be a contender to pick up the show in the event that it was ever canceled down the road, but with it filming in New York it’d probably be too costly.

Our final verdict is this: While we do think there would be some entertainment that would come out of seeing Gotham in the Arrow-verse, we’re not sure that there is enough of a demand for it — especially in terms of it meeting what would probably be a high price tag.

Do you think that Gotham would be fun as a part of the Arrow-verse in some form? Share now in the comments section below!

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