Madam Secretary – Persona Non Grata sneak peeks reveal new Chief of Staff

Morgan FreemanSunday night will be here before we know it and that means a new episode of Madam Secretary. However, before we get there CBS has released three sneak peeks to give the audience a glimpse as to what is coming up.

What’s different about these sneak peeks is that they are all on the more comical side. They don’t reveal anything about the issue-of-the-week or anything of government importance. Instead, they offer insights into the personal lives of some of the characters. This is definitely a change of pace from the normal promos released, but something about these sneak peeks is very satisfying.

Sneak peek 1 – The first promo is short and sweet and to the point. Dmitri has returned from rehab to continue his work with Henry. In the promo he asks Dmitri how he is doing. Before Dmitri answers we briefly pray that he will answer honestly because fans cheer this character on despite the mistakes he’s made. When you think about everything he’s done has occurred because of the treatment he received in a Russian prison. If anything we just want him to be happy and healthy.

So when he answers he smiles and assures Henry he is doing good and makes a joke. His answers makes the audience truly believe he is bettering himself and that he is truthfully doing good. It was a great sneak peek despite being short because it revealed a lot more.

Sneak peek 2 – This promo shows off the parent side of Elizabeth and Henry. It starts off with Henry confessing he spied on Alison to see how she was doing on her midterm project and was surprised to see she hasn’t started yet. Elizabeth is equally shocked, especially since the night she binged watched a television show. They are both are worried and Elizabeth decides to nicely guilt Henry into talking to her, which folds easily.

This sneak peek is great because moments between these two are great to watch. The chemistry between the two is undeniable and real. The way Elizabeth easily guilts Henry into talking to their daughter is great because she knows exactly what buttons to press. It will be great to see the whole scene.

Sneak peek 3 – The final sneak peek was undoubtably the most interesting. The sneak peek starts off with Elizabeth coming off the elevator to start another day at work. She greeted by not only Blake, but Matt, as well, who was furloughed during the government shutdown. The fans also see Jay is back and Elizabeth greets him by calling him her Chief of Staff. We suspected that Jay could be a contender to replace Nadine, especially since he worked closely with her and had the most relevant experience. The reveal was a nice surprise to have during the sneak peek and something we didn’t think we would get an answer for right away.

The one person who is clearly missing from the picture is Daisy, who is on maternity leave. Elizabeth is eager to find out how’s she doing. We loved this because it shows that she cares about the people who work for her. It a testimony to her character and a quality people in government should make a mental note of.

Overall, while we didn’t receive a sneak peek involving the issue Elizabeth will be dealing with, these sneak peeks were great because they were all about the characters. It’s a nice change of pace and one we wouldn’t mind happening more often.

Madam Secretary is one Sundays at 10 P.M. on CBS. For more news related to Madam Secretary, be sure to visit this link. 

This story was written by Samantha D’Amico. If you want to follow her on Twitter, you can do so at SAM_iamXO. (Photo: CBS.)

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