Chicago Fire season 6: On set with Jon Seda talking Antonio Dawson and Ramon

Chicago PD exclusive previewAt the end of the Chicago Fire season 6 fall finale you had a chance to see a fairly devastating cliffhanger for the Ramon character. Is he going to survive what transpired to him in the closing minutes of that episode? Not only that, but will this potentially-deadly situation inspire Antonio Dawson to try to repair the difficult relationship that he has with his father?

It was announced weeks ago that there would be a storyline that would cause Jon Seda to make some appearances on Chicago Fire, and this now looks like it will be happening. Seda  discussed the potential of an Antonio – Ramon reconciliation recently to CarterMatt while on set at One Chicago Day:

“I think there’s always a possibility, and I think that it’s something they wanted to touch on with Fire. It’s an important element [of the story] because it’s something that people can relate to. Not everyone has a perfect relationship with their parents or their families. I think it’s something that we will be playing with.”

Hopefully this means that Ramon will survive long enough for him and Antonio to have some interactions — even if he doesn’t maybe it will cause Seda’s character to think through his past with his father and develop some sort of peace. Emotionally, it feels like this is going to be a big part of his story one way or another when the show returns to NBC.

One of the strange aspects of this storyline comes via timing. Antonio is a part of Chicago PD, which airs for the next few weeks while Chicago Fire is on hiatus. Will Antonio’s father be acknowledged over on that show? It’s possible that he will, but it won’t be on next week’s new episode. The original plan was for it to air this past Wednesday, but it was delayed because of Game 7 of the World Series.

One other important Antonio question

Is Ramon’s father the avenue that opens up something between him and Sylvie Brett again? This is a reason for him to be around Firehouse 51 again and if he’s spending time with his sister, odds are he will also spend some time with Brett. They’re an extremely popular relationship and as a result of that we see zero reason why the two characters wouldn’t want to be around each other in one form or another.

For the record, you can also see what Seda told CarterMatt on the prospect of a Brettonio reunion by heading over to the link here.

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