Scandal season 7 episode 5 review: The return plan gets explosive

Scandal season 7 episode 5 reviewAt the start of Scandal season 7 episode 5, Olivia Pope wanted Rowan to deliver a message to Fitz: Leave Washington DC. As it turns out, Fitz wasn’t too inclined to listen. Instead, he took this as a challenge to wreck things even more for Olivia cluing in Mellie as to what happened with Luna Vargas. Mellie was not happy, and she made it clear. She didn’t want to hear about B613 or any of that craziness anymore and to be honest we don’t want to hear about it anymore either. We’re done with B613 and all of its nonsense after enduring so much with it time and time again on this show.

(For the record Olivia Pope isn’t the only person at the moment fed up with Fitz and some of his nonsense — Jake is as well, telling him that he doesn’t have any business being in Washington anymore.)

Speaking of some other stories that frustrate us – Mellie has another priority at the moment in trying to stop the rebellion in Bashran. We know that this is a critical storyline for Mellie to flex her Presidential muscles, but we almost feel like making it about a fictional country neuters the story somewhat. Going to war here is a dangerous proposition, and Olivia knew that.

As we’re about to learn with Cyrus, he’s more aware of that than anyone.

The latest on Cyrus and Fenton

Cyrus agreed to let Dean Norris’ character shadow him, which is good for him as he tried to determined how he wants his career in politics to go. Cyrus is a good mentor, and while he may not be the best leader for the people, he remains an excellent strategist. He realized, (thanks in part to Fenton) that war in Bashran was a dud and he did his best to tell Olivia that. She wasn’t all that intent on listening — she and Fitz have a lot in common in that sense.

Later on in the episode Cyrus and Fenton’s relationship took a turn for the romantic — that’s an ongoing theme for this episode. More on that soon.

Back to Bashran

In the midst of all of the political turmoil, the country’s president still decided that he wanted to go back and fight for his people, even though Mellie didn’t want him to go. She pleaded for him to reconsider; then, the two kissed and nearly did so much more. Sleeping with a world leader has to be near the top of the list of presidential taboos, so we understand why Mellie would pull away.

Quinn Perkins’ latest case

It didn’t get the same attention as some of the other parts of the episode, but QPA did have another case to take on revolving around protecting those desperately in need — to be specific, a young woman who had ties of her own to the government of Bashran (it really is everywhere in this episode). Quinn got too wrapped up in her upcoming wedding to Charlie that she didn’t focus on her client’s case and ask what she wanted from her work — with that, it eventually descended into chaos as she wasn’t listening to her client’s intention to not follow her uncle (a.k.a. the president) back to Bashran so she could be with her lover.

Olivia did learn something from Quinn’s mess of a case, and it was rather simple: Speaking to Mellie about what it was that she actually wanted! She fought to ensure that her beloved president kept that title in Bashran when he returned and that the treaty worked out. The two shared one final moment and he went about his business. From here, Mellie’s next move was completely isolating Fitz so he couldn’t cause more trouble — a move orchestrated by Olivia who managed to outflank him once more.

In getting back to Quinn, she was eventually able to convince her client to join her uncle back in Bashran, telling her that this is where she gives herself the best chance at a future.

In the end, none of this mattered because of the cliffhanger ending: The plane meant to take these two home exploding. Is the Bashran story over now for good?

CarterMatt Verdict

While we don’t exactly love the Bashran storyline at least Scandal made the most of it in focusing on two different characters, the president and his niece, as they dealt with whether to return to their home in the midst of so much turmoil.

In the end though, the cliffhanger showed that no matter what happens over the episode, Scandal endings are still meant to shock.

What’s next on Scandal season 7 episode 6?

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