Chicago Fire season 6 episode 7 return date hopes for Jesse Spencer, cast

Chicago Fire season 6 episode 7 return dateWhat will the Chicago Fire season 6 episode 7 return date be following Thursday night’s fall finale? Early indications suggest you’ll be waiting a while.

As of right now, NBC’s schedule suggests that there will be no more episodes between now and 2018 — provided that they don’t decide to schedule some sort of crossover or special episode down the road. We do know that there is going to be some sort of crossover coming in the new year, and it will involve a very important episode of Chicago PD. That show is gearing up for its 100th episode at some point later this season.

The easiest assumption to make here (operative word: Assumption) is that the Chicago Fire season 6 episode 7 return date will be in January, maybe as early as January 4 or 11. Why is that? Think along the lines of the episode order. This is a series with at least 22 episodes, and that means that they’re going to need to be on the air a lot during the new year in order to get all of their episodes on the air between now and the end of May sweeps.

In terms of the show’s ratings, it also benefits Chicago Fire to come back on the air as soon as humanly possible. January’s a great time for a show like this — the weather is cold outside, and as a result of that there’s really not a whole lot for anyone to do other than sit around and watch new episodes of the show with a hot chocolate in hand. This should be a nice aid in the show finding its way to a season 7 renewal, not that we think that Chicago Fire is in any serious jeopardy of not getting one. For the time being, the ratings are such that they are a fairly substantial improvement over what NBC had going on with The Blacklist last year in this time-slot.

What do you want the Chicago Fire season 6 episode 7 return date to be?

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