Did The Blacklist help season 6 renewal odds against World Series?

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Given that Wednesday night was a light night in terms of prime time programming, we’re mostly going to focus in on The Blacklist season 6 renewal odds.

Here is the good news that CarterMatt has for you based on the numbers from last night — the James Spader series did all right, all things considered. While ideally we would love to see the series generating more than a 0.8 rating in the 18-49 demographic, you have to consider context here to a certain extent. This was a show airing directly against the World Series, and to go along with that we are talking about game 7. This is one of the biggest sporting events of the entire year, and the preliminary ratings suggest that the World Series generated a 7.0 rating. How do you compete against something that big? You really can’t, best thing you can do is just try your best to survive.

Now what does this mean in terms of The Blacklist season 6 renewal odds? More than anything else, this shows that The Blacklist does have a core audience that is extremely loyal to the show and will watch no matter what it is up against. That’s important when you think about the various trials and tribulations that the show could go through over the course of this entire season. Even if NBC moves it, there’s a good chance that much of this audience will stick around. This is an age of vast uncertainty and many networks don’t know what their shows are going to bring to the table anymore. You have to find a way to find some shows that are reliable and The Blacklist can be that for NBC. At this point, reliability may be all The Blacklist has since the ratings aren’t good enough for it to have that same certified-hit status that it once had years ago.

Of course the irony in all of this is that The Blacklist is creatively off to its best start since the first season.

If the numbers hold, we do think that a season 6 renewal will come. There are some other factors that you also have to consider here, including syndication possibilities, international success, and also some of its streaming/DVR performance. It has a very good deal with Netflix for some of its episodes and we do think that this goes a long way.

In the end, the important thing to remember is that it’s very early in the process still and there is a lot of time for The Blacklist to improve, but there is also time for things to fall completely off the cliff. Let’s hope the latter doesn’t happen and the show can be around for a good while still.

What do you think the Blacklist season 6 renewal odds are at the moment? Be sure to let us know now in the comments!

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