Crossover November: Should Magnum PI start off alongside Hawaii Five-0 or Blue Bloods?

Magnum PIIt was recently reported that we were going to potentially see a new version of Magnum PI coming to CBS at some point in the future. Isn’t that exciting? We definitely think so. There’s something fun about an old school action-adventure show featuring an iconic character introduced to a new generation.

Now, the big question that we have is how is this show is going to be set up? Is there a chance that it could be a part of the larger Hawaii Five-0 or MacGyver universe, one established by executive producer Peter M. Lenkov? It’s definitely something that we at CarterMatt would love to see happen. As a matter of fact, we even advocated in the past for establishing one big crossover episode that could launch Magnum PI and make it into something really amazing right off the bat.

So, will CBS actually consider this? Is this an ideal crossover for all parties involved? The obvious reason to do this is because there is no better way to introduce the Magnum PI character to the audience and this demographic. Just think for a moment in terms of who this character is and the viewers who watch Hawaii Five-0 also MacGyver. These are people who likely grew up with the Magnum PI character. They’ll know him well and also how the story should be interpreted for a new generation.

Obviously, Hawaii Five-0 seems like the perfect destination to help introduce Magnum PI more so than any other show. The two shows are both set in Hawaii and it makes perfect sense that Steve McGarrett or one of the other characters could run into him at some point. Adding MacGyver to the mix is fun just because it would be all three Peter Lenkov shows airing in one night, but there could be some serious logistical issues there given that MacGyver is filmed in Atlanta, which is not close to Hawaii. With that being said, CarterMatt hears that there are at least discussions about doing another MacGyver and Hawaii Five-0 crossover at some point — we’re hoping for a more expansive one!

One other very interesting possibility would be seeing if there is a way to bring Magnum PI and Blue Bloods, (another Friday show) into the same universe. Why not give the original Magnum PI star in Tom Selleck a chance to interact with whoever the new Magnum PI is? While this may not be the easiest thing to plan out in the world, it would be a lot of fun and a great way to introduce the new show while nodding slightly towards fans of the original. For the record Tom Selleck has already given his blessing to the producers of the new Magnum PI — he may not be a part of it, but it is very close to his heart. Having him turn up would be equal to a symbolic passing of the torch from one show to the next.

Do you think that a Magnum PI crossover with any of these shows would be fun? Sound off now in the comments!

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