Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers episode 6 review: Who won out at Tribal Council?

Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers videoEntering Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers episode 6, we knew that there would be some drama with Ryan and Ali. After all, Ryan blindsided her at the end of this past episode, getting rid of Roark and putting his neck on the line.

What’s the aftermath of that? CarterMatt would describe it like this: Ali isn’t altogether interested in working with Ryan anymore. He made a move that he thought was best, but now he may have lost himself in an ally.

Over on the swapped Yawa tribe what we started to see was a case of everyone versus Cole and Jessica. Cole is selfish, and with that he doesn’t bother to think in terms of anyone other than himself. He doesn’t share food and that is a HUGE no-no on this show. Sharing is caring, Cole! Mike shared and he caught a fish that was a heck of a lot smaller than the one Cole had. The odd thing here is that later in the episode, it was Cole who ended up falling from exhaustion and he needed to eat a ton of food at the tribe after the fact.

Speaking of food … how about a reward challenge? We cannot say that this was the most exciting challenge in the world (are reward challenges ever that great?) but it produced some interesting drama. The Soko tribe ended up winning thanks mostly to firefighter JP; unfortunately, JP being the hero (hey, he is on the Heroes tribe) ended up putting a huge target on his back. The merge is coming and Ryan knew that. This is why if the Soko tribe lost immunity the main target, (per Ryan) was on JP’s back. He was a huge immunity threat who also didn’t open up about his strategy.

Who were the targets entering the challenge?

Over on Levu there was instant discussion about getting rid of Joe — but the problem there was that Joe, (in continuing his Tony impression) ended up finding another hidden immunity idol! He didn’t tell anyone, which likely meant that either Ashley or Devon would leave if they went to Tribal Council.

Meanwhile, on Yawa it was all about blindsiding Cole — apparently, fainting made him even more of a target. This is a fine example of someone like Dr. Mike just trying to justify why he’d want to get rid of someone he was already targeting. We would think you’d want someone struggling physically out in the game since they wouldn’t play all that well.

Given that it ended up being Soko losing the challenge, none of this mattered … for now. It seemed on the surface that Ali was the easy target given that she was on the outside of the numbers. Yet, that’s not what Ryan wanted — and he decided to get Ali on board. They communicated their thoughts with Chrissy, who was far more on the fence about the move having known JP from the start of the game.

The big decision

Before we get to the vote-out, can we call out Jeff Probst here for hounding JP for giving non-answers and playing a quiet game? Jeff is amazing, but every now and then he over-steps at Tribal Council … not that we think he actually influenced anyone with their vote. Any fan knows that these people make their decisions long in advance.

This is where we’ll offer some praise for the show for completely throwing us off. We were a thousand percent convinced that it would be JP leaving the game tonight based on the edit; yet, we saw Chrissy apparently win here once more. She must have refused to get rid of JP and Ryan, (fearing a tie) decided that he didn’t want to run the risk of a rock draw or anything else so Ali went home.

CarterMatt Verdict

The surprise vote-off at the end helps to elevate this episode somewhat, as does the prominence of some interesting players like Chrissy and Ryan. Unfortunately, this doesn’t fix the fact that this is a season in need of some more dynamic personalities and epic game-plays. They made an interesting decision sticking with three tribes up until the merge; Survivor is always great no matter the season, but this is one decision we’d personally want back.

What did you think of tonight’s episode of Survivor? Did the right person go home in the end? Share in the comments below!

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