The Blacklist season 5 episode 6 will still air despite World Series

The Blacklist logo any seasonGiven that both Law & Order: SVU and Chicago PD are not airing tonight due to the World Series, it would make sense for The Blacklist season 5 episode 6 to be off the air as well. However, here’s the surprise: NBC is still going ahead and airing this episode entitled “The Travel Agency”.

Why in the world would they do that? It’s understandable to be worried about its ratings given that the World Series acts like somewhat of a ratings vortex. That is especially true for the Los Angeles Dodgers – Houston Astros showdown, since we are talking about two teams that each have very sizable followings. There is also enough of a big storyline here with these two teams that they are going to be able to draw viewers from other places. One of the biggest things that sells about baseball is when the games are good — and there’s been some very good games that have aired so far in the series.

One of the big things to remember about shows going off the air tonight is that networks want their viewers watching their shows live in order to boost their ratings. However, there’s also a component here of networks wanting to make sure that advertisers get their money’s worth. They purchased airtime with a certain ratings expectation, and airing episodes during the World Series is probably not going to meet said expectations.

Hopefully, The Blacklist won’t fold too much when it comes to the ratings, but that is something CarterMatt will have more news on tomorrow.

Be prepared for an intense episode

Since there is a new episode of The Blacklist tonight, why not check out a new sneak peek below? In this video you can see Reddington remind Tom Keen just how formidable he is as a crime boss. He threatens Tom and makes it clear that he knows precisely what Tom is doing with the bones and the suitcase. As a result of that, he is willing to do anything and everything that he needs to in order to ensure the bones are hidden once more.

We know where the story is going on as there will eventually be an epic showdown with Reddington and Tom that may leave Tom as a bag of bones himself. There are still a couple of episodes to go until we’re at the point of the flash-forward we saw in the premiere, but along the way there will be plenty of clues as to what’s coming. Tom should just go ahead and brace himself. A nasty storm’s a-coming!

(Photo: NBC.)

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