Bull season 2 episode 6 review: On first loves and fairness

Bull season-2 episode 6Given that there aren’t many opportunities on a show like Bull to learn about the title character’s past, there was something nostalgic and lovely about Tuesday’s new episode that we here at CarterMatt just loved.

After all, at the center of “The Exception of the Rule” was an appearance of Jason Bull’s high school sweetheart Allison, a woman who knew him before he was cynical, jaded, and spending the bulk of his life trying to figure out how to read jurors. Allison (and her son, a very young attorney) wanted Bull’s help in order to sue a local factory who she felt was contaminating the community. She was certainly feeling some of the apparent health effects herself and needed some help to turn things around.

While there was plenty of drama within the courtroom we’d argue that the episode really shined when Bull and Allison were onscreen together and were trying to figure out their feelings for each other in the present. Bull admitted that he would’ve liked nothing more than to have run away with her earlier in his life, but this didn’t happen. He did instead want to do everything that he could to protect her now, and that included trying to avoid her being on the stand … at first. The problem with the case is that Bull misjudged one of his most important verdicts and soon realized that her testimony was one of the only things that could turn the jury around. They needed someone to bring an emotional argument into the case and Allison was that person. She delivered the best argument that she possibly could.

There was another emotional component to this episode, as well — Allison had cancer, yet she kept her sense of optimism and wanted nothing but to do the right thing. It wasn’t about the money; It was about trying to figure out a way so that future generations could love the community in the way that she just did. This may have been one of the most tear-inducing testimonies through what we’ve seen on Bull to date.

Did Bull actually win the case?

Clearly after hearing Allison’s testimony the factory realized that they had no real way to win; he orchestrated a settlement that would allow her house to be paid off and for her to have more of a comfortable future. After everything that she went through in the episode there’s nothing that made us happier than seeing her celebrate in a way that was uniquely their own.

CarterMatt Verdict

We don’t know if it will happen, but it’d be great to someday see Allison on the show again. She’s such a great, interesting character who brings a lot of different layers to Bull thanks to her history with him. We also hope that she is alive on the other side of this.

What did you think about Bull season 2 episode 6?

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