Major Crimes: season 6 premiere review: New command, new tech, and a new case

Major Crimes season 6 premiere photosTNT’s popular Major Crimes returned tonight for its final season with a bang, not only with new high-technology and a new chief, but also with an interesting crime.

Season 6 started off with a long introduction that introduced three young boys who disappeared during a school field trip. Chief Mason is the one who brings the case to the squad after he feels as though he would rather overact then do nothing. It was a nice first impression of how things will run under his command. He comes off as someone who will take cases based on his instincts rather than what normal protocol would suggest.

As Chief Mason continues to describe the case, he points out that one of the boys is a diabetic and he appears not to have his medicine, which makes this case one of urgency. The team immediately begins investigating the families to figure out what skeletons lie in their closets. As it turns out, each family is holding their own dirty secret. One has a father with a drug problem, another is hiding a million dollars in their closet, and the other was married to someone in connection with a gang.

Also involved in the case is the Catholic Church along with St. Joseph’s (the same school Rusty went to in previous seasons). During the premiere, the jury is still out on whether or not a priest is involved somehow, but from the quick moments of Father Jonas looking nervous, we are sure as this episode arc continues we will have more answers.

By the hours end, the diabetic boy was found dead, leaving Sharon in a state we have not seen. She was visibly affected by this young boy’s death. She was grieving to a point where fans might think she would pass out, and not because she was still recovering from the flu; it was instead because this one hit close to home for her. It’s never been a secret that Sharon has always held her faith high in her heart and mind, and now she is going to be tested. With Lieutenant Provenza’s continuing to suspect inappropriate behavior between Father Jonas and the boys and with her connection to St. Joseph’s, she may feel confused and bothered. It’s an important part of her life and it may be attacked. Her reaction to the boy’s death could be a result from that.

If one thing was apparent during the episode, it’s that James Duff and company wanted to make this episode all about the case and introducing the audience to it. The writers wanted the fans to have as much information as they would be allow without giving too much away. With this episode only being Part 1, it’s a great strategy to introduce the case as much as possible and then during the middle parts, bring in updates the characters’ personal lives.

While the episode, was all about the case, it still did touch on one character’s personal life. Fans were informed that the long distance relationship between Rusty and Gus isn’t going well. Gus is avoiding Rusty by not calling him back and it appears as though Rusty wants to call it quits for fear that Gus is cheating on him with his boss.

Jessica Meraz’s debut

Not only was their new technology featured tonight, there was also a new squad member. Detective Camila Paige was introduced and boy, she didn’t have as great a first impression as Chief Mason. She can’t work very well in a team and doesn’t know how to show respect for her superiors. However, this is exactly what the team needed. They needed someone to come in and add some tension, as they haven’t been challenged in awhile and need someone keep them on their toes. It was also fun to see that Provenza knew her from a previous case.

Overall, it was a great start to the season and while fans may be disappointed by the lack of personal details about the characters, fans should know that this is completely. The writers know what the audience wants and it will come. We just have to be patient for some answers.

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