‘Shiptober: What’s Percy and Lasalle’s future on NCIS: New Orleans season 4?

Percy and LasalleMrs. Carter: As NCIS: New Orleans season 4 gets further into its run, will Percy and Lasalle get closer to a relationship?

Through much of last season it started to seem like this self-proclaimed “country mouse and city mouse” duo were getting set up for something deep and long-term. Yet, they decided instead to move in a different direction. They’re still working together and there is clearly some chemistry there; however, for now we think that they are charting in the direction of Jamie and Eddie on Blue Bloods. They are two characters who know that they want to be together; however, circumstances have kept them from going for it at the moment. They know that their jobs make their lives complicated already; adding a romantic relationship on top of that is only going to create additional issues for the two of them.

Now that we’ve said that, we think that there is only so long that they will be able to ignore these feelings. Even just by bringing back the city mouse / country mouse nicknames earlier this season we get a feeling that these two aren’t willing to let the playfulness and the flirtation between them fall to the waist side. They are recognizing that even if they aren’t in a relationship now, they’re not moving away from what pushed them in that direction in the first place.

So as we jump into this edition of our CarterMatt ‘Shiptober series, the question we ponder is this: Is there a way in which these two reconsider acting on their feelings this season? Should they? We think they should. There’s no reason not to given that we’re in the fourth season of the show and there’s been more than enough time to get to know these characters and move to the next step. This is also a different era than the one where Kensi / Deeks and other crime TV couples took forever to get characters romantically involved — very few shows last that long anymore. Therefore, make the move today since you don’t know if there will be a tomorrow.

Plus, getting Percy and Lasalle together romantically opens the door for so many more storytelling possibilities. Part of what makes them so fun on the team are all of their personality differences. These can be played out more on the show itself if the two are together both at work and away from it. They are also different enough from Kensi and Deeks that them getting together wouldn’t feel too similar to what is going on with NCIS: Los Angeles. Seeing Pride’s reaction to it would be as entertaining as anything.

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