Blue Bloods season 8: Where is Eddie Janko — again?

Blue Bloods season 8

In this Blue Bloods season 8 article, we’re going to find ourselves surprisingly repeating ourselves. Where is Eddie Janko at the moment?

It feels like we’re having to answer this question a lot, but it’s mostly because of the fact that we’re having to deal with this story a lot. Vanessa Ray has been MIA for a few episodes this season, just as she was gone for much of the end of season 7. We could try to spend some time deciphering the possible reasons for that, but at a certain point it’s speculative and it doesn’t do anyone any good to know the reason. The fact just is that we don’t see the actress on the show nearly as much as we’d like to and we wish that there was a make that change. Eddie and Jamie stories are hugely important to the series, but we do feel like they’re pushed to the side a little too much for some of the other characters — given that Jamie’s a Reagan and a focal point of the show, shouldn’t he be featured as much as Erin and Danny? With Jamie around, more than likely Eddie will be there, as well.

The silver lining – It’s simple, and this is what we’re here mostly to remind you of now: Eddie’s not going anywhere on this show permanently. She remains a part of the core cast of characters, and we know it on good authority that you will be seeing multiple episodes coming up that have a good storyline for her. Even if we’d love to see more of her solving cases with Jamie out in the field, we’re at least still going to see her remain a key component of many episodes to come.

So rest assured, Eddie is still around and Ray isn’t going anywhere for at least this season. We’ll have a chance to learn beyond that in due time; we gotta get the show renewed for season 9 first but we’d hope she would stick around.

More silver lining – Eddie’s back tonight! We saw her during the first ten minutes of the episode out in the field with Jamie.

How much of Eddie Janko, ideally, would you want to see on Blue Bloods if you had it your way? Be sure to share in the comments below!

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