The Amazing Race 30 filming already over, Jessica Graf confirms

Amazing Race 30 filmingFor those wondering about The Amazing Race 30 filming timeline, know this: It’s already done and teams are back home!

This news was confirmed earlier this week by the most famous of the teams taking part this season. In a post on Twitter, Jessica Graf made it clear that she and Cody Nickson have made it back following their race around the world. For those of you who are trying to figure out if there’s anything to the timing of the tweets in relation to how they finished, there’s not. The Amazing Race is smart in this age of social media and they keep people offline while they are in the process of doing the race — they also send off the eliminated teams somewhere else so that they’re not spotted during filming, similar to what happens to some of the early boots on a given Survivor season.

Jessica, for the record, chose to have someone tweet for her on her account while she was gone, though that person made it clear in the process that they were not her. She and Cody had a chance to more than likely do some exciting stuff, and now they can actually get back and settle into normal life again. (They still seem to be tweeting about each other, so the race didn’t put too big of a strain on the relationship, it seems.)

There are of course many other teams taking part in The Amazing Race 30 and we’ll be exciting to meet some of them whenever the cast is announced. That’s mostly at the discretion of CBS, and it will also depend on when the show decides to air new episodes. There is a part of us that just wished they would move the show to summer and air it after Big Brother on Wednesdays, if for no other reason than that it’d probably perform better there than any of the scripted properties that they are trying to launch. Sure, that would mean there’s a lot of Amazing Race content on in the summer with the Canadian show also airing there, but we think the average fan in the States probably isn’t even aware of the Canadian version; it probably just seems as though they are from the vantage point of someone who enjoys so much race-related content around the world.

For the record, Amazing Race filming windows are always very short. It’s a big part of what makes the show relatively inexpensive.

Once there is more news on a possible Amazing Race 30 premiere date, we’ll be sure to have that news for you over at the link here.

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