Grey’s Anatomy season 14 episode 5 review: Owen – Amelia decision; a Riggs shocker

Grey's Anatomy season 14 episode 5 return dateTonight on Grey’s Anatomy season 14 episode 5, we have what felt like was the story of Owen and Megan like no other. We saw the two’s history serving in the army, and in the present we saw their story play out more.

The biggest problem that we continued to see for Owen and Megan, no matter the era, is that Owen continues to have the overprotective gene. He wants to control the narrative, and at the same time he also wants to ensure that he does whatever he can to feel like he’s being the strong, caring brother. The problem is that from Megan’s point of view, she didn’t think that her brother was taking anything she did altogether seriously.

The real point of divide for the two came prior to Megan’s kidnapping, when Owen ended up sinking her entire career plan. Why? It was really so simple as that he didn’t think that she was ready for it. One confrontation after another followed as the two enjoyed their time facing the ocean, including an awkward car ride when we worried the whole time that there was going to be a car accident that took Megan away from us. (Hey, Abigail Spencer’s only going to be a part of the show for so long.)

The good news is that Megan and Owen eventually did get to the side of the road. That’s where the had a conversation about every, whether it be cheating, imperfections, and something more like the purpose of life.

While Owen and Megan were having their own struggles, Riggs had an issue of his own: Looking after Megan’s son, which proved troublesome when he was so busy that he stopped watching the young man for a minute. He took off, and Riggs had to run around to find him. Luckily, all Megan’s son wanted was to get the two of them a bite to eat and all was okay.

The culmination in the present

After her day with her brother Megan returned to what seemed to be her makeshift home with Nathan; they presumably had their own life in California, and they were ready to move forward with what seemed to be their next chapter.

Now, the question you have to wonder is this: Is this it? Is Nathan gone from Grey’s Anatomy for good? (If you want to know, click here.)

Also, at the end of the episode Owen went home and it looked like everything they’re going through, the two may be going their separate ways.

The story of the past

The biggest story to note here was seeing how exactly Megan’s kidnapping came about, and it came about as a result of one of the worst days imaginable for her. She and Nathan had just gotten into a huge fight (they both cheated on each other) and that’s to go along with Owen not believing in her as much as he should have.

CarterMatt Verdict

Grey’s Anatomy season 14 episode 5 proved to be a pretty fantastic hour of entertainment. It was dramatic, intense, emotional, and also a great showcase for Kevin McKidd and Abigail Spencer. That music at the end was perfectly-chosen in the way that so many other episodes of Grey’s Anatomy have been in the past.

What lies ahead on Grey’s Anatomy season 14 episode 6?

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