Scandal season 7 episode 4 video: An Olitz cetric sneak peek!

OlitzMrs. Carter: Before Scandal season 7 episode 4 airs on ABC, want to check out an Olitz centric sneak peek for the episode?

We definitely think that this one is worth your while! In the new video below courtesy of the network, you can see just how Olivia and Fitz end up speaking to one another again more than 100 days a part — and how Fitz wants to use a crisis that is taking place in the world in order to get Olivia back into his orbit. It’s a little bit of classic manipulation here, given that he is trying to use one thing in order to get another. He wants her on his side, and knows that the #1 way in which to ensure that this happens is to convince her that there is something worth fighting for that only he can help solve.

Well, here’s the big issue and twist at the heart of this preview: Olivia and Fitz aren’t on the same page with this. He hears him out in regards to his plan, but at the same time isn’t altogether interested in helping him. Instead, she seems to be far more interested in the idea of just doing her own thing and sending this case over to Quinn Perkins.

The dilemma here that Fitz is facing is one that may feel somewhat unfamiliar to him at this point: He is not a politician anymore. With that, he’s being stripped of most of his power — Olivia has no real reason to do anything that he says or even listen to him longer than just a few minutes. He may want to get through to her but she doesn’t have a reason to listen. This is going to be a problem for him for the entirety of this final season, regardless of whether or not he thinks that it is. Why is she going to want to go along with anything that he says when she has other priorities as the Chief of Staff?

We do think if there is one bit of hope Fitz has in this situation, it’s simply this: The love that these two do have for each other is inescapable. Even if they don’t have any real reason to be together we definitely do think they’ll find a way for this to happen. Think of their journey so far — while there’s no guarantee that they will end up together at the end of the series we’d be shocked if they don’t give this at least one more go along the way. In this instance, though, time will almost certainly tell.

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