The Big Bang Theory season 11 episode 6 review: Wil Wheaton, Professor Proton and Sheldon’s rage

Wil WheatonThe Big Bang Theory has moved to it’s new time slot on Thursday nights, so we hope you remembered! If not, then we are here to help get you up to speed on what’s happening and tonight’s episode is going to be a good one since it has the return of Wil Wheaton!

The new Professor Proton

Professor Proton has become a beloved character on the show and even though his character has passed away we have still have appearances from his spirit as he acts as a guide to Sheldon through some of his more difficult life decisions. Leonard reveals that one of the reasons he became a scientist was because of Professor Proton which was nice to hear since we’ve mostly only heard about Sheldon’s love affair with the late professor. When they learn that they are going to be replacing Professor Proton, Sheldon thinks that he would be the perfect candidate.

After putting together what he thinks is the perfect audition tape (but is really a bit psychotic), he realizes he needs a bit of help, so he goes to Wil Wheaton. Instead of helping Sheldon, Wil ends up snaking the job and gets cast as the new Professor Proton. While we have enjoyed seeing Sheldon and Wheaton bury the hatchet after their long standing feud, we like this relationship infinitely more when they are at odds!

The vasectomy division

After Bernadette’s second pregnancy, Howard decides that he’s getting a vasectomy. Even though it’s his decision, he’s still having a difficult time with the whole thing (as many men would be). After the procedure he’s in horrible pain, but Bernadette is there by his side to help him through it. In true Howard fashion he tries to milk this for everything he can, but with Bernadette being pregnant, taking care of Halley and Howard, she’s not having it.

When Bernadette is put on bed rest after taking on too much we saw Penny get a really fun storyline tonight as she tried to help Howard and Bernadette with their baby. After some mistrust, they finally let Penny take care of Halley and she did a great job – such a great job that Halley spoke her first word calling Penny her “mama”. This is the second storyline this season that involves Penny and children as we recently saw her reading one of Bernadette’s parenting books and using the information to control Sheldon. We are feeling like maybe Penny is starting to warm up to the idea of having children.

CarterMatt’s over all thoughts

Episodes of The Big Bang Theory that have Wil Weaton in them are typically our favorites. There’s something really fun about the back and forth that he and Jim Parsons have together that makes for great comedy and now that they are enemies again we have no doubt that there will be even more great comedy coming up when Sheldon sees Wil as Professor Proton for the first time.

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