The Walking Dead season 8, episode 2 review: Rick faces a blast from the past

Rick -Now that we have made it through The Walking Dead season 8 premiere, it’s time to look at the score card. Negan has lost two battles in a row against Rick’s side, the Saviors have scattered and his compound is filled with walkers. The ace in his pocket right now is that he has Gabriel and that’s not good for anyone.

The adventures of Rick and Daryl

The next part of Rick’s plan is to get Negan’s guns from his armory, so they’ve spread out some of their team members to cause a bit of chaos while Rick and Daryl follow Dwight’s directions to go after the guns. They may not have the numbers, but if they can siphon their guns that could even the playing field. When they get there they don’t find what they are looking for they spread out, but instead of finding the guns, Rick finds a newly born baby girl…. also Morales who you might remember from way back at the beginning of the series in Atlanta. He’s a very different man from that time – he’s with the Saviors now and has made a call into them for reinforcements.

The Morganator

This episode was spread out chaos with gun fire everywhere, and a huge body count – just not anyone that matters (a ton of red shirts got killed though). However they did give us quite a scare tonight that we lost Morgan when he was shot and fell to the ground – but he was wearing armor so he was fine. This once again showed us the prophecy that Morgan believes which is that he just can’t die. This turned Morgan into a one man killing machine, which is exactly what they needed on this mission since Jesus wanted to play the peace maker and at this point in their war, it just isn’t working.

Is Aaron going to lose Eric?

Aaron and Eric were involved in a lot of gun fire tonight as the embarked in their part of the mission, and while other groups were faring better against Negan, this group didn’t do that well and lost many people. We saw Eric get hit, but he’s still alive at this point. Rick’s side didn’t have a good night to say the least.

CarterMatt overall thoughts

In theory, this episode should’ve been an intense thrill ride with all the chaos that was going on, but it moved rather slowly for us. That being said we’ve always loved the back and forth between Carol and Ezekiel and we got a lot of that tonight. Carol has had a rough go of things since we met her and has become increasingly hard-shelled (except when it comes to Daryl of course), but there’s something about her interactions with Ezekiel that make us think that he might be a beacon of hope for her and show her that there’s more to this life then just being closed off. We’re not saying that he’s going to be a love interest by any means, but we want to see Carol soften a little bit to someone that isn’t Daryl.

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