Hawaii Five-0 season 8 episode 4 review: Battles with grief

Hawaii Five-0 season 8 episode 4When we heard that we were going to see Aaron Wright for multiple episodes of Hawaii Five-0 season 8, we figured that he would be a villain on more than one occasion.

As it turns out, that wasn’t exactly the case over the course of this episode! While Wright may not have changed his stripes, McGarrett was in a position where he was forced to use the guy. He didn’t have many other choices. One of his only other options was to hope that someone else could replace the friendly (and late) informant Toast, and that didn’t seem to be all that likely in Hawaii. (Also, is it just too easy to write that Toast is toast? Feels that way.)

Eventually Steve gave in to some of Aaron’s demands and gave him a cushier environment in order for him to help. It was at that point it was clear what exactly was going on, and that Toast is only going to be the beginning. The attack on Five-0’s informants is going to be pretty widespread and could cause chaos by the time the dust settles.

For some more evidence of that, you don’t have to look any further than what happened to Kamekona. Not only did someone take him, but by the 20-minute mark the shrimp truck was on fire. The shrimp truck owner had burned the bridges of many criminals over the years and found himself beaten and interrogated — by far, this was one of the most violent scenes we’ve seen with Taylor Wily on this show. He was reluctant to give up information, but not that it mattered all that much given that it seemed as though the bad guys already knew precisely what they needed to know.

The episode’s big twist

It was no surprise that Aaron found a way to orchestrate an escape and a hack a way to ensure that some bad guys busted up his secret hideaway. Yet, it was a shock to know that the entire storyline this week was his doing. He looked up the list of informants in advance of his arrest as a failsafe and ensured that he would someday be in a position where the team would need his help.

While Wright was able to escape, the silver lining was so was Kamekona — barely. He found himself in harm’s way basically from start to finish, but him surviving was one of two interesting occasions this week where a series regular was almost killed off. After all, remember that Wright kept Tani from being killed by his guys.

The episode, somehow, still ended on a note that was a little more peaceful — Jerry sang a tribute song to Toast at the Hilton, and Junior Reigns had more of a formal introduction to the rest of the team. McGarrett found out that he was staying at a shelter and invited him to stay at his place until he graduated from the academy.

The one person missing in action from the event? Tani, who was off seemingly contemplating the fact that she was almost killed earlier in the episode — and also blaming herself for Wright escaping in the first place. Steve eventually tracked her down with Eddie and the two had a heart-to-heart.

CarterMatt Verdict

This episode was everything that you probably imagined it would be based on the-show hype — action-packed, violent, intense, and pretty much anything and everything else. Kamekona and Tani questioned their mortality and we’ve got a sense that this story is far from over.

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