Major Crimes interview: Kearran Giovanni on Amy Sykes’ journey, arcs ahead

Kearran GiovanniWe’re back with one more edition of our Major Crimes Month interview series today here at CarterMatt, and it’s none other than Kearran Giovanni. Over the past several years she’s brought the character of Amy Sykes to life and shown her all sorts of fantastic highs and lows. It’s been a great thrill seeing her evolve and learn more from the Major Crimes Division all around her, and it’s going to be sad to see both her and everyone else go when Major Crimes kicks off season 6 on TNT starting on October 31.

If you look below, you can see more of what Giovanni had to say about both her journey and what lies ahead! This interview was conducted during the recent 100th episode party a little bit earlier this month. (This party took place days after the cancellation was announced.)

CarterMatt – How’s the night, how’s the week? How’s everything going?

Kearran Giovanni – You know, it’s not your typical week — we’re celebrating [the 100th episode], but it’s also sad. We’re taking it all in stride. We don’t sign up for this thinking that it will last forever. We sign up for the experience of doing it as long as we can, and we did that.

The finale is filming right now, so are some of those emotions carrying over to that?

We haven’t shot any of the really emotional stuff yet, but I’m sure that when get there we won’t be acting — we’ll just be crying together.

What are you the happiest about when it comes to Amy Sykes’ journey?

I think she started as that annoying, super-ambitious, younger girl, and I think she’s grown into a woman. No matter happens next for her [I believe] she is ready to lead and she’s learned a lot. It’s been a great journey.

And she’s been challenged a lot over the past several years with a lot of different stories…

Yeah! She’s put herself in some bad situations. She’s definitely been challenged, but I think it is a challenge when you have a lot of men and not many women on the job.

So what challenges are there now moving into season six?

We’re doing a lot of these big arcs, and I would say that this season is really about the cases. They’ve allowed Amy to be a little bit more of a leader, but I think the whodunit is really the focus of this season.

What was your first reaction when you saw the script for the finale?

We didn’t know that it was the end [at the time we got it] — we just thought it was a beautiful end to the season. Now that we know, it’s a beautiful end to the series.

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