The Blacklist season 5 episode 4 review: Not in the Nik of time

The Blacklist logo any seasonAt the heart of The Blacklist season 5 episode 4 were many questions, but the biggest one is as follows: How far is Tom Keen willing to go for answers on the bones? Will he go so far as to snatch Liz Keen’s ID badge and keep massive secrets from her? Much of this episode showed us how determined he is for more information.

Through most of the episode we saw Liz and Tom desperate to have a few moments together, and that included a nice meal. However, during a brief lunch meet-up (one that ended abruptly because of her working on a case) he took a picture of her badge.

As for the case of the week storyline tonight, we got a very fascinating look over the course of this hour at “The Endling” — basically, what you need to know here is that a thief is destroying precious objects, artifacts, and even animals in order to ensure that others are more valuable. Basically, it’s a very elaborate way to gouge prices.

Within the midway portion of the episode was saw a character off targeting people with “golden blood,” the only kind that can be transferred to anyone. Was this the Endling or someone else entirely? After so many people with golden blood disappeared we absolutely started to wonder. What ended up happening, however, was a little more personal than what we anticipated. The person stealing the blood was actually a woman actually desperate to save his son by whatever means necessary. Whatever means is the operate phrase there. Basically, she knew someone with his blood would have to die to make the heart transplant happen, and as a result of that she took her own life.

This was not the Blacklister case we saw coming, especially when it comes to the ending — but isn’t that in part what makes it memorable? You’ll remember this mostly from what was done to keep this little boy safe — it’s something that Reddington related to on some level after everything that he did in order to keep Liz safe over the years. He even told her at the end of the episode that under the same circumstances, he would like to be as brave as the mother was.

The aftermath

If there is one thing we do know about James Spader’s character at this point within the show’s run, it is that he is not pulling any punches. He got Nik involved in the transplant tonight — and then there was Tom’s request with the bones. At the end of the episode Nik made it clear that he never wanted to work with either Reddington or Liz again.

Meanwhile, Liz came under fire from Cooper and the FBI over some of the decisions that she made, including her deciding to go with Reddington’s plan in the case and not telling the other agents about it. Once the case was over Reddington decided to further along his empire-building by recruiting “post man” Anthony with a very lucrative offer. Basically, he wants to use him to create a network of hideouts for notable people who want to stay hidden.

As for Tom Keen, Nik gave him a call telling him that they were still in the process of getting answers. Unfortunately, we don’t think Tom is getting those said answers given that Nik was seemingly murdered in the closing minutes.

CarterMatt Verdict

For most of “The Endling,” we’ll admit that we were waiting for the good stuff, whether it be a big James Spader scene or learning more about the suitcase and the bones.

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