Bull season 2 episode 4 review: Did Bull betray Marissa to save himself?

Bull season 2 episode 4Tonight’s Bull season 2 episode 4 kicked off in an interesting way, mostly because we dealt with the case of an actress who adopted a young boy from Ethiopia. However, when that father turned up at her Hollywood Walk of Fame Ceremony, that made things complicated. Yet, she and Bull worked together on a solution … and it was over at around the six-minute mark of the episode.

Wait … that was it? This was looking like the shortest episode ever until nine weeks later, when said actress in Amaya returned to tell him that her son was gone as a result of an arrangement that he came up with. Her plan was to sue him for every penny that he was worth, given that she blamed him for potentially never getting to see her son again as a result of his advice.

Let’s just say that the idea of Bull in legal trouble created a little bit of a disaster zone. Jason decided to reach out to one of his old heroes in Ron Getman (Brad Garrett), an attorney who felt more like John Stone in The Night Of than a legal Shark you would immediately recognize. Benny didn’t even know who he was! Nonetheless, this was precisely who Jason wanted to represent him: Someone who could stand against the Hollywood machine. Bull didn’t want Benny to represent him, mostly because he needed someone on the outside.

One of the problems, aside of the lawyer, than Bull and the TAC ran into with this case was pretty simple: They couldn’t come up with a mock jury for the case. After all, there was a celebrity at the center of it and they tend to distort all of the data. Getman also didn’t want Bull involved in the planning for the case — he was too close. He was resistant to the idea of taking a back seat, but realized over time that it was probably the right thing for him to do.

The plan for the case

How do you defend Dr. Bull in a celebrity case? For Getman, his strategy appeared to be fairly simple: Focusing in on the fact that sometimes accidents happen.  Getman was responsible for striking jurors with Marissa’s help, which led to a very funny moment in which Bull and Marissa were at odds over whether or not to strike one given juror from the case.

Things turned a little more serious, however, when it turned out that Marissa was called to testify and some of her past words ended up coming back to bite her — especially her comments via email about whether or not his plan was a smart one for Amaya’s child. There was a way to refute some of Marissa’s comments by portraying her as emotionally unreliable (she has a history of her own when it comes to adoption) but Bull didn’t want to go there. Yet, Getman did, and you could see the look of betrayal on Marissa’s face. He may not have wanted it out there in the courtroom, but why did he tell Getman about it in the first place?

In the end, Bull was able to win the case — mostly thanks to Getman and the information that came out about Marissa.

Cable and Danny’s mission

While Bull is on trial he still had some of his team looking for the missing boy — he still wanted to make things up to Amaya. Danny actually did manage to find the child, and with that, Bull pleaded to Amaya to come up with an arrangement so that she could have her child without also charging the father in the process.

CarterMatt Verdict

Emotionally this was by far one of the best Bull episodes of the year — we learned a lot about the cast, introduced a great new character and Getman, and effectively saw Bull at his worst. This is something we’ve been looking forward to seeing for quite some time.

The one problem we have is this: Why not actually give us a scene with Bull and Marissa after all that happened? Hopefully, the writers have that planned for the future.

What is coming up on Bull?

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