Good Behavior season 2 episode 1 review: Can Letty and Javier change?

Good Behavior season 2 episode 1

At the end of Good Behavior season 1 we saw Letty make a big decision: Sell Javier out for the sake of Jacob. Yet, in the end of the day the two parties did still find a way to get away with each other … and they were certainly very close in the opening minutes tonight.

The one thing that was a little more jarring than the opening sex scene was then Jacob immediately walking in at the end of it. The reality here is that Letty wants to have a new life, one in which she can keep her son and live without the threat of constantly being found out and attacked. Good Behavior is a funny show, though, and we got a good sense of some of that when it comes to the façade-of-a-façade that both Letty and Javier were pulling. One of them was a thief pretending to not be a thief, whereas the other was a killer acting like he wasn’t killing when he was.

It didn’t take all that long for the façade to fall apart, and for the truth to come out about what Javier was doing with a body in the back of his car. He didn’t think that she had left with the car, and so the two parties found themselves in the super-awkward position where they had to meet Jacob’s new “friend” Apple, who seemed to be as interested as anything in getting to use him for a diversity campaign at her school.

All of the tension eventually built towards a drunk, fun evening where Letty almost slipped up letting Jacob’s real name to Apple’s mother; at the end of this, though, she and Javier got back into a heated argument and he told her that he was acting on an old job.

The dead body rings

After Javier and Letty fight apparently the body got a phone call — this was a chance to learn who was trying to kill Javier. The only thing important that really came out of this, though, as Letty telling Javier he needed to get rid of the body pretty much immediately.

Following the back-and-forth what we then saw was the aftermath of the entire night with Letty and Jacob. He was upset that his chances to make a friend in Apple seemed ruined. Meanwhile, she was upset over him locking the door. This was an interesting back-and-forth between the two that reminded us that they are both insecure, and both trying to make sense of their current surroundings. This is a different world than the two of them are used to and they have to figure out how to live together, not being the same people they once were.

The shock of the night comes via this: Silk is gone. We saw that in the Javier montage at the end of the hour, and it was powerful stuff.

The interrogation

Well, let’s just say that life for Letty’s mother was not altogether great given that she had to meet up with Ann Dowd and her magic purse again. (How does she fit all of that stuff in there?) Anyhow, what Dowd’s Rhonda Leshever has figured out now is that Letty and Javier are still together, and she is still very much intent on finding him.

CarterMatt Verdict

Good Behavior did a great job tonight of starting things off in an understated way, giving us the Letty/Javier version of domestic bliss before everything started to fall apart near the end. Javier is clearly wrestling with his old demons while Letty has to figure out how to be different than who she once was.

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