Chicago Fire season 6 episode 3 review: Casey, Cruz, Hope, and surprises

Chicago Fire season 6 premiereIn the early going on Chicago Fire season 6 episode 3 one of the things that we saw was significant trouble for one Matthew Casey. With Boden off Firehouse 51 was greeted with the presence of Sam Mullins, an authoritative figure who also happened to be a rather enormous jerk. He had a huge ego and was desperate to reinforce that, and he absolutely didn’t like the idea of a former Alderman telling him how the firehouse works in Boden’s absence.

After Casey disagreed with Mullins on a couple of occasions it was pretty clear that this relationship was going to be severed. Casey tried to apologize, but even that didn’t work. The only thing that he had left to do was trying to figure out a way in which to stop a man from jumping off the top of a building. He did that, but didn’t use the proper protocol. In turn, this caused even more problems.

Eventually Boden came back and you would to think this would make matters easier on Casey around the Firehouse. Unfortunately in the minutes after that we learned that nothing was altogether better for him. Boden called Casey into his office, and soon after that he was confronted by Mullins … who was informed that he was actually getting a promotion. He is going to become a captain! This means more of a leadership role for him and it’s certainly one that is well-deserved.

What better way to celebrate a promotion than a night out at Molly’s? Well, we’ll get to that in just a minute.

The story of Leon

Remember Cruz’s brother? He left Chicago years ago due to gang activity, but Mouch made the decision to bring him back. Obviously, he feels guilty about everything that happened in the past and we understand that — yet, the entire nature of this plan was a disaster waiting to happen. There were people still after Leon regardless of if Mouch wanted to admit it.

Despite all of the warning signs that Mouch should just tell Cruz the truth, it still didn’t happen right away. We were honestly worried for most of the episode that this entire situation was going to blow up in a terrible way, especially when Cruz said that he wanted to go to gang territory and ask around about his brother. That’s not good … at all.

What we loved about the end of this storyline was that nothing bad happened. Instead, what happened was that Cruz figured out what was going on and decided instead to punk everyone else instead. This was hilarious — and we officially love the Cruz brothers and want them to have their own show.

What is Hope up to?

There’s something very strange about her arc. First, she said she was just visiting. Then, she ended up joining Firehouse 51 as support without even telling anyone in advance she was doing that. She shocked Sylvie, and she also shocked Severide. He seemingly slept with her thinking that she was leaving Chicago the next day; however, that was not the case. Hope seems like the sort of person who wants what Brett has, but doesn’t really want to work for them.

The big reveal at the end of the night was reserved for her, as Connie learned from her old boss that she had stolen $10,000. That, CarterMatt readers, is a serious cause for concern. It also makes for a good tease as to what lies ahead, especially since it feels like a sure thing she’ll be fired now.

What’s next on Chicago Fire season 6 episode 4?

If you’re interested you can get some additional news on the future of the show over here! Let’s just say that the next episode is going to be a big one for Dawson.

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