Is Willa Holland leaving Arrow, Thea Queen behind after premiere?

Is Willa Holland leavingIs Willa Holland leaving Arrow? Following the events of the premiere it may be fair to wonder the answer to this very question.

Over the course of the summer, the Thea Queen character was one of the people we were the most worried about, and ultimately for good reason. Remember that she was only around for a part of the fifth season, frequently disappearing for conventions or the like. Thea didn’t want to be a costumed hero anymore, and was more interested in doing something that resembled a normal life.

Moving into season 6, there was almost radio silence around her character, and with that of course came some big concern.

That concern probably expanded for many people out there as the episode progressed, when the fate of almost every other character was none on the show, but not Thea. the writers really took their time making it clear what happened to her. Even when it appeared as though she might be dead, there was still doubt … mostly because we couldn’t accept that as reality. Why would we want to give how we feel about the character?

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The good news is that Thea is technically still alive. However, the bad news is that she’s not actually conscious. Thea is in fact in a coma now, and there is no indication as to when she or Holland will be coming back to the show. Our hope is that it’ll be at some point before we’re too far into the season, that way there is still time to have a lengthy arc for the character.

Could this be an inventive way that the network is working to include Thea on the show? Certainly, and it’s worthy of some consideration. Look at things in this sense: Holland as a fractional series regular last year, meaning that she was only contracted for a certain percentage of the season. If that is the same thing this year, odds are producers decided that it would be better to put many of her contracted episodes all at one time rather than spread out. It’s easier to write since they don’t have to keep making excuses for why the character isn’t around, and that in itself is something worthy of some celebration … provided of course it happens. At this point, we are admittedly venturing very far into the realm of wishful thinking hoping that Thea makes her way out of this. We go back to the second or third season of the show when she was one of the most interesting characters, a troubled young woman who suffered from addiction and was looking for some peace. If she returns, we hope that she can get closer to that.

What do you think is going to happen with Thea Queen?

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