Chicago PD season 5 episode 3 review: Did Voight kill again — and during Antonio’s case?

Chicago PD season 5 episode 3 reviewIt didn’t take long on Chicago PD season 5 episode 3 before we learned about the shocking case: The death of an apparent drug mule. This wasn’t a case that would typically be in Intelligence’s wheelhouse, but it didn’t take long for Antonio Dawson opt to take it on. After having a conversation with his daughter (who is coming to live with him) after taking care of Latinas, he realized that the right thing to do was to take lead on this case and figure out what happened.

One of the first reveals in the early going this week was that despite what it may have seemed like, this woman was not a mule. She was not cut the right way, and it also turns out that the woman was raped. This is not a part of the cartel’s typical DNA. Dawson (working as a translator) also was able to tell Burgess that per witness accounts, she was too old to be a mule. She also had a son, who was the only witness to the crime, as it turns out.

Eventually what we did see in the end was Intelligence being navigated over to a meat processing plant, one that has a history of hiring many undocumented workers — including the victim Gloria. Burgess tracked down her sister Lucia at the plant and was able to use her for some more information — she was understandably reluctant to do so at first, though, mostly out of fear that her undocumented status would lead to her being deported. Antonio assured her that this would not be the case.

So what happened after that? Well, after a suspect was named in the son of the processing plant owner, ICE came in and started picking up people there illegally. All of a sudden Antonio looked like a traitor to Lucia and it seemed pretty obvious that the plant owner reported himself to protect his son. In doing this the case quickly hit an impasse, mostly because without witnesses who were available Antonio found himself stuck.

The key to the case

The son did have enough of a memory from before his mother’s death to pinpoint one possible suspect: A driver by the name of Lopez. The moment that this man was brought into questioning it was clear that he was not someone Antonio wanted to deal with: He had a hardline stance on immigration and was completely unsympathetic to Gloria’s plight. He may also have a history of attacking other victims elsewhere.

Following this we saw a canvasing effort on the streets, which led to Burgess and Antonio finding out that there was another victim who was killed in a similar way. The problem, yet again, was trying to figure out how to identify Lopez. The child struggled to do it at first, and actually misidentified before making the right choice. Consider this things going from bad to worse, and Voight exploded on Antonio for his handling of the case during one of the night’s more heated confrontations.

Here’s where things started to get a little interesting: Hank went and confronted Lopez on his own at night, separate from anyone on the force. The next day, the man’s body was found cut open at his house. Did Voight kill again? It certainly seems that way. Apparently, the change in Chicago PD structure is not making Voight out to be less of Dexter Morgan when he needs to be.

CarterMatt Verdict

This was a powerful episode for Jon Seda as Antonio put his all into Gloria’s case — while in the end Voight may have stopped future murders, was it really worth it? Like many episodes before it, this Chicago PD episode leaves you with tough questions.

What is your take on Chicago PD season 5 episode 3?

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