STAR season 2 episode 4 spoilers: How Paris Jackson factors in

STAR episode 2 episode 4Paris Jackson will be making an appearance on STAR season 2 episode 4, and the story for her character Rachel is about to spike. “It Ain’t Over” is the title for this installment and we’re going to see Jackson’s Rachel Wells take on a prominent role as a social media strategist for the label. This could mean good and bad things depending on what happens; social media is the voice of a company these days so you do need to find ways to impress an audience that is getting increasingly cynical and quick to fire off all sorts of nasty, sarcastic barbs whenever they want.

Beyond that, one of the other major components moving into this story is going to be one that you may have seen teased in some other places here and there: The return of Star’s father. This is obviously something that will rock her world and she will need to struggle to figure out what she wants to do in order to deal with this.

STAR season 2 episode 4 synopsis – “A rattled Star is reeling with emotions, while dealing with the sudden reappearance of her father. A huge opportunity for the girls to perform at the record label party is put into jeopardy after they react to learning that Ayanna has hired Rachel Wells (Paris Jackson) as the label’s new social media strategist. Meanwhile, Derek struggles with facing the truth about his fate; Carlotta finds a place of solace; and Cotton begins to bond with her father, Jahil, over their shared pain in the all-new “It Ain’t Over” episode of STAR airing Wednesday, Oct. 18 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX.”

If you do love STAR, one of the things that you should really be aware of here is that this episode could prove to be the last for a little while because of the World Series. You could have a brief hiatus following this, and it could extend depending on just how long baseball ends up lasting. If there is no game 6, then the show will be back with more come early November. If there is a game 6, be prepared to wait until we roll around to November 8.

One way or another, you better believe that STAR will remain intense and addictive — now that you know you’re getting 18 episodes this season (more than previously planned) there is an additional reason to raise your hands in celebration.

Have any expectations now regarding STAR season 2 episode 4?

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