Major Crimes interview: Michael Paul Chan on Tao’s evolution

Michael Paul ChanMajor Crimes is premiering its sixth season on TNT come Tuesday, October 31, but before rolling around to that we want to take a moment to share with you what Michael Paul Chan had to say to us about the new season. Dating back to the days of The Closer the veteran actor has brought a lot of life to the role of Lt. Michael Tao, and as we move into the thirteen new episodes coming up we could see a more evolved version of the character than ever before.

In this edition of our ongoing CarterMatt Major Crimes Month interview series, we spoke to Chan about how his character has evolved, why he hadn’t experienced much of the mood on set following the cancellation, and also the luxury that the show gives him in terms of his future. Note that this interview was conducted on Saturday while we were at the 100th episode party in Los Angeles.

CarterMatt – How’s the mood on the set been as you guys have been working on the final episode?

Michael Paul Chan – I’ve had Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday off, so I’ve been at the beach the last three days! I have no idea. I know people have sent me pictures of interesting locations; I’ll be back to work on Monday morning at 6:00 am.

We’ve come to know Tao a lot over the course of the past several years. Is there a way that he could keep evolving and surprising us entering season 6? What can you say?

He’s a lot more methodical and pedantic. He is delegating a little bit more and using his head, sitting back more and analyzing. There’s more maturity there.

How could this play into some of the arcs you have coming up? Is there any one you find especially notable?

I really like the idea of seeing him sitting back and analyzing stuff as opposed to just jumping in. He’s taking some of the younger kids under his wing.

Obviously we can still hope for a season 7, but outside of all of that, what do you want to do next?

When the dust settles I just want to see what comes my way, what things come in. This [show] has given me the gift of being able to pick and choose. I don’t have to grab the next thing that comes — I can look at something and say yes or no.

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