Abby Sciuto Halloween costume? NCIS fans pay tribute to character

Pauley PerretteThinking about a NCIS Abby Sciuto Halloween costume for 2017? You are not alone. It’s become an interesting Halloween costume trend that has viewers scurrying to look like the forensic scientist on the CBS drama. As seen in past years, TV fans have dressed up as superheroes, reality stars and even puppets. So why not dress up as a smart scientist that America has loved for over a decade on CBS?

After news broke of Pauley Perrette confirming that she is indeed leaving NCIS after being a part of the show since the beginning, fans have been looking for a way to show appreciation. Opening the doors for countless women to consider science as a profession and helping the world understand how NCIS works, Abby is a big part of the show. Viewers want to honor the NCIS character and the actress. Plus have a little fun doing it. What better way than actually dressing up like Abby on Halloween?

Abby Sciuto Halloween costume? 2017 trend

So what exactly goes into an Abby Sciuto Halloween costume? Well, the scientist is a character who knows her stuff. She offers a bit of goth personality with a strong first impression. Underneath that white lab coat is dark clothing, preferably black, along with a short skirt and tall black boots. For the boots, the more outrageously Gothic, the better.

For every NCIS fan to identify an Abby Sciuto Halloween costume there needs to be a focus on her hair and lips. The majority of the time Abby is seen on NCIS in the lab with perfectly straight pigtails bunched up at the back of her head and a lightly tossed bang. Add bright red lipstick to complete the look.

Don’t forget the temporary tattoos. Including a big spider web for the neck area that’s visible every time viewers see Abby on NCIS. Add a choker and some leather bracelets to complete the outfit.

For those fans who want to go all the way, the Abby Sciuto Halloween costume needs to have a couple more incidental items. An Abby Sciuto ID badge, which needs to hang off the front pocket of the lab coat, offers a reminder to anyone at a Halloween party who you’ve dressed up to be. Add Bert The Hippo or a Caf-Pow cup for the finishing touches.

How about Abby Sciuto mannerisms?

From the first time Abby Sciuto was seen on NCIS series, she was brilliant. Fast forward to today’s episodes and this flawless scientist hasn’t aged a day but is wiser. Which is why dressing up like the scientist might require you to ask if you’ve seen Agent Gibbs, walk around with Major Mass Spec resultsm or give hugs to strangers.

In my mind, an Abby Sciuto Halloween costume isn’t just about honoring this amazing character on TV. It’s about honoring the popular character on NCIS who truly opened up America’s eyes to science careers for women. Over the past 16 years, the TV audience now thinks differently when it comes to who wears a lab coat to solve crimes. Understandably fans are crushed Pauley Perrette is leaving the series, but dressing up as Abby Sciuto for Halloween is the ultimate honor.

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