Shemar Moore meets fans at tailgate party, The Voice Outtakes, TV Halloween baking shows

The VoiceOn Monday it might be a great day for TV viewers to catch up on their binge watching (unless, of course, you have to be at work). This year October 9th offers some folks a chance to relax at home and watch entertainment as it’s a federal holiday. It’s one of those weird holidays though. While some people are chilling, other people might not be so lucky with the requirement to check in for work during this national holiday. Thankfully, those workers will still enjoy their day too, as TV has become so enhanced that watching on a handheld device is pretty standard these days (just as long as the boss isn’t looking).

Shemar Moore meets fans at Rams game

Shemar Moore, the star of the upcoming TV series on CBS called S.W.A.T. was meeting and greeting fans at an informal tailgate party on Sunday. It was a cool way to show support to the Los Angeles Rams and every TV fan who appreciates his mad acting skills (count me in with that crowd). The fans lined up patiently to meet the man and get a selfie.

There are a couple of things worth noting about Moore’s new show airing on CBS in November. First, S.W.A.T. looks off the chain. Like other stories based in Los Angeles, the brief snippets seen by fans so far show Shemar and his team in the heart of the City of Angels. As with any good drama, having that genuine backdrop really brings a show to life. Plus, did I mention Shemar is the lead actor? Yeah, it’s worth repeating. Shemar Moore brings sexy…er, I meant to say safety to the streets of Los Angeles in that new S.W.A.T. video promo and fans couldn’t be happier.

The Voice Outtakes

Ever wonder exactly what happens during the time in between auditions on The Voice? It takes time to line up all the singers, have the stage ready and get the cameras rolling which means the coaches sit in their big red chairs and patiently wait. I joke! It appears that that coaches don’t do that at all. Instead they chat with each other, talk to the audience and get rowdy (ever so slightly). The new video for The Voice outtakes gives a glimpse of how the stars pass the time as they wait for the cameras (and music) to start rolling.

Halloween baking shows on TV

It’s that time of year where baking gets scary. No, I’m not talking about my baking skills. I am discussing the Halloween baking shows seen on TV. It’s baffling to see how many ways professional bakers and creative amateur bakers can make a spooky treat. The draw of these types of baking shows is that every year people tune in to see exactly how to make their pastries a little more scary. Add to that the reruns from previous years, plus new programs for 2017 and it gives people at home some scary choices to watch. This year you can see Halloween baking shows on the Food Network, Travel Channel and The Cooking Channel.

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