Vice Principals season 2 episode 4 review: Meet Lee Russell’s family

Vice Principals season 2 episode 4Through the vast majority of Vice Principals season 2, one of the things we’ve seen is that Lee Russell isn’t that close to his family. He spends a lot of time with his wife’s family, but he’s barely mentioned or spent time with people he actually grew up with.

Well, that changed somewhat tonight when Lee Russell learned the news that his father passed away, and he found himself in a position where he had to revisit what seems to be a traumatic past. It really didn’t take all that long for us to realize why he turned out the way that he did — he never really had the love of his father, and to go along with that he spent the vast majority of his life being mistreated by most of his sisters. Also, they have a habit of stripping him of his clothes.

Vice Principals season 2 episode 4 was weird, if you didn’t get a sense of that already. This was an episode that featured a kid eating at a funeral and Lee basically having to start a fight with his family just to be able to speak at the service. When he did, he actually took a pep talk to heart. For one of the first times in the entire series we saw Lee lie for the sake of good rather than evil. He may not have meant everything that he said, but as the speech went on we started to wonder if he was actually convincing himself of what he was saying.

Russell ended this episode tonight claiming that he’s going to turn his life around and be a better person — a “principal with principles.” Good luck with that, Lee.

What happened with Neal Gamby?

With Lee spending some time with his family, Gamby found himself in a position where he was temporary Principal. He had to keep things together and that was difficult when you consider that Lee hired a group of crazy consultants known as the Sweat Dogs to run things at the school with him gone. These people were mean, muscular, and out to make school even more of a hellhole than ever before.

Amazingly, the one thing that caused Gamby to turn against the Sweat Dogs was seeing someone treat the teachers worse than him. He stood up for the teachers, and then in turn the teachers all stood up for him. For Amanda Snodgrass and company what we effectively saw here was then realizing that they could have things so much worse than Neal being in charge.

CarterMatt Verdict

We do like it when Vice Principals does try to evolve and be something a little more emotional and heartfelt. Sure, we know it can be dark and absolutely insane, but there was some heart here. We appreciated that.

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