The state of the Stitchers season 4 renewal campaign

Stitchers season 4Weeks following its original cancellation at Freeform, is there hope for a Stitchers season 4 renewal yet?

At present, there does not seem to be any evidence that a network/streaming service is getting closer to picking up the Emma Ishta – Kyle Harris series; don’t read that as a sign that its future is necessarily etched in stone. There are still some ways to fight towards saving the show, and some of the people who love it have put together a rather impressive campaign.

First of all, there is a petition that has been gathering signatures that you can sign here, and there is a Twitter account that has done a pretty incredible job already of identifying possible suitors and letting you know the right way to contact them (see the graphic below). Sometimes we do have to share advice to make fan campaigns a little bit clearer, but in this case much of it is already together! Take a look and try to find some ways to get involved, if you choose.

So what are the odds of the Stitchers season 4 renewal campaign working? They’re about the same as many others: A long shot, just because it’s so difficult financially to make things work and there are so many different contractual issues that are at play. (It doesn’t help that Freeform, thanks to its in-house studio, had more of an incentive to keep the show than anyone.)

Nonetheless, you never want to give up hope for such things! We’ve certainly seem some TV miracles before in our years at CarterMatt — even if the show doesn’t come back, at least know if you’re fighting to save it that there are plenty of people out there who appreciate it. For so many people who worked on the show this was a family, a livelihood, and so much more than can be put into words.

Even in the event that there is no Stitchers season 4 renewal issued, one thing that we do hope comes out of this is a chance for fans to get a little more closure as to what could’ve happened whether it via some Q&As with the producers, a book, or something else. After all, remember that the third season of the show ended in a pretty enormous cliffhanger where Kirsten (Ishta) was forced to lie to Cameron (Harris) by a mysterious entity, pretending that she was suffering from amnesia after bringing her mother back. If there was ever a cliffhanger ending that we needed a pretty clear resolution to, we’re sure that this is it.

Would you like to see a Stitchers season 4 renewal happen in the future?

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