Blue Bloods season 8 episode 2 review: Danny investigates a ghost story

Blue Bloods season 8We were worried that Blue Bloods season 8 episode 2 was going to completely sweep what happened with Linda under the rug; we’re pleased that this didn’t happen. The start of the episode was all about Danny and his sons figuring out how they were going to move forward in the aftermath of what happened. It was hard on them, and it would continue to be.

Eventually in terms of Danny’s work, he did have to move on since there was another case he had to take on — one that did have ties to Linda and an old friend. A young woman csuddenly returned after disappearing years ago, and he had to try to understand precisely what was going on with her now — in the midst of struggling to cook dinner at the same time and do some of his other duties as a single father.

The big twist in the case was that the woman who came back was not the girl who disappeared so many years before. This was someone with a history of prostitution and other crimes, and it turns out here that she was hired by the missing girl’s own brother to impersonate her. Danny’s theory was that this brother killed her years ago and for some reason hired to bring her back.

Unfortunately, the pieces that started to come together were pretty gruesome: The missing girl did die years before and was dumped out of state. In doing this he was clearly hoping to avoid detection, and he did for a rather long time before being captured in the end.

The latest case for Jamie and Eddie

Was a powerful Congressman exploiting a woman in Andrea that he was using for political purposes? He had promised to bring her family over to America, but when the two of them saw her leaving a moving car in the center of an argument they wondered what was going on.

The more Jamie and Eddie investigated the more troublesome the story began. This woman bas basically trapped into being the face of the Congressman’s campaign; if she made one move against him he could find a way to send him home. They confronted the Congressman about it and he was, as you would imagine, a terrible person. They told him that he had to start paying her right and he responded by threatening them in turn.

Nonetheless, it did seem as though Jamie and Eddie’s threats towards the Congressman worked. Andrea actually got the money she was earned and a little bit of a break.

Frank’s latest political power struggle

The police are being ordered to march in the annual West Indian Day Parade by the Mayor. Typically this would not be an issue for them, but the parade was honoring someone with a history of harming police officers. Baker and others within the PD wanted Frank to outright protest and risk his job. He was in a bind, and what this led to him starting to investigate the incident that caused everything so many years ago in the first place.

In the end Frank did agree to walk in the parade but under a very specific set of circumstances. He claimed he was looking out for Mayor Dutton, and he was — but also looking after himself. He did get a bottle thrown at him during the parade.

CarterMatt Verdict

There was going to be a letdown inevitably after last week’s stunning premiere, but Blue Bloods season 8 episode 2 mitigated it as best as it could. This was the show more or less in its purest form, with characters taking on complicated cases across the board. We wish that some of the stories were more linked to each other, but we often find ourselves saying that.

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