Hawaii Five-0 season 8 episode 3 preview: Chirs Vance’s return

Hawaii Five-0 season 8 episode 3Next week, Chris Vance’s big return as Harry Langford is here, and it’s for Hawaii Five-0 season 8 episode 3 on CBS. We understand if you start off reading this article by wondering this question — weren’t we supposed to get this episode tonight? The answer is a clear “yes.”

So what happened in between now and then? The simple answer is that CBS rescheduled this episode and moved the debut of Junior Reigns (and Steve’s new dog) a week earlier. One of the reasons for this may be out of sensitivity for some of the horrific violence in Las Vegas, given that the synopsis below does suggest that we’re going to being a somewhat violent installment of the show:

“Kāu pahi, ko’u kua. Kāu pū, ko’u po’o.” – Five-0 enlists the help of an old friend when the boss of a major crime family is murdered, triggering revenge killings across the island. Also, MacGarrett and Danny begin sorting out particulars in their new restaurant venture, on HAWAII FIVE-0, Friday, Oct. 13 (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

(“Kāu pahi, ko’u kua. Kāu pū, ko’u po’o.” is Hawaiian for “Your Knife, My Back. My Gun, Your Head.”)

Will Hawaii Five-0 season 8 episode 3 also have a rather-hefty dose of comedy to it, as well? That does seem to be the case, not that we’re altogether shocked about this given that the Steve – Danny restaurant story seems primed for comedy at almost every turn. These are two people who barely get along on the job, so the idea of them trying to work together in a business capacity is completely insane — which is why, in turn, this should be a rather great story to watch unfold. You’re basically going to see these guys come to terms about what they want their restaurant to look like and some of what they potentially want their food to be. In addition to that, they’re going to be doing all of this without any sort of actual confirmation that this restaurant idea is ever going to come together given the fact that it’s not the easiest business in the world to get into. As a matter of fact, it’s almost impossible more often than not.

Hopefully, we’ll have some more coverage of this story at CarterMatt in the days to come. Most signs do point towards this one being action-packed and then some given the character coming on board.

What do you want to see on Hawaii Five-0 season 8 episode 3?

Are you excited for the return of Chris Vance, or to see some more Steve – Danny hijinks when it comes to the restaurant? One way or another, we do want to share some of your thoughts below!

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