‘Shiptober: Better Call Saul season 4 and the (hopeful) long game for Jimmy, Kim

Better Call Saul season 3We know that Better Call Saul is not a romantic show per se, and with that we’re not sure of how many people out there are diehard ‘shippers interested in seeing the story resolved in a way where Jimmy and Kim are actually happen. This show, like Breaking Bad before it, is more about a downfall than a happy ending. Yet, there’s some merit still in looking into this more within our ‘Shiptober article series here at CarterMatt for the purpose of understanding if these two people can somehow find redemption. Does Jimmy McGill have to be Slippin’ Jimmy forever? If, on the other side of Walter White and even Cinnabon Gene, he can find a way to be a better person, does he really deserve a second chance? These are worthy discussion topics.

The first thing we should note is that there are no guarantees that Rhea Seehorn’s character is even still alive in the present day. We know that she was struggling at the end of season 3 in the wake of the accident, and it does feel as though she’s very close now to the end of what was at one point a happy relationship with Jimmy. We’ve already seen him fall apart with his suspension, and who knows what sort of person he will be in the aftermath of losing his brother Chuck? Chuck was no saint, but he was one of the few pieces of family Jimmy had left. Without him around much of his life starts to crumble in some dark, unexpected ways.

Meanwhile, another element to consider of this story is this: Even if Kim is alive, you have to assume she and Jimmy ended on terrible terms. Saul Goodman never directly references her during Better Call Saul by name, and she may not care about what he’s doing anymore. What motivation could she have to seek him out? Given Jimmy’s new life as Gene we certainly don’t see him being the one to initiate things there. It makes some more sense for it to be her, but even if she wanted to find him that raises another question: How would she know where to look? She’d almost have to randomly stumble upon him in Omaha and it doesn’t seem like visiting a local Cinnabon in a mall there would be something that she would do all that often.

Or … would she? Here’s one of the biggest pieces of evidence out there that Jimmy and Kim could reunite someday. Kim seems to be a fan of the Kansas City Royals, and it’s less than a three-hour drive from Kansas City to Omaha. Meanwhile, the Royals have also been spotted in a Gene flash-forward. The easy theory to draw here is that since Kim grew up around the Kansas – Nebraska border, she may have a legitimate reason to be in Omaha someday. (Maybe she has family there.) Someone may want to stop in at a local Cinnabon and BOOM. It all begins again.

We know that Jimmy did some terrible things as Saul, or even under his own name before that. We just continue to harbor some hope that there’s a good heart in there somewhere still and that if Kim stumbles upon him (if alive) the two could have a future. We’ve already seen the downfall of Jimmy McGill; we don’t need the show to end with him being miserable and/or dead.

Are you rooting for Jimmy and Kim at the end of Better Call Saul?

(Photo: AMC.)

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