Lucifer season 3 spoilers: The Leftovers’ Kevin Carroll to be the Sinnerman

Kevin CarrollGreat news — with getting Kevin Carroll to be the Sinnerman, Fox and Lucifer continue their casting hot streak they’ve had for a while. Last year the show managed to get Tricia Helfer to play the part of Charlotte/Mom, and they’ve also got Tom Welling on the show this time around. They had some great casting from the beginning including Kevin Alejandro, Aimee Garcia, Tom Ellis, and Lauren German, and we haven’t even pointed out yet the genius casting that was Timothy Omundson as God Johnson.

Now, they’ve managed to secure The Leftovers alum Carroll as the season 3 Big Bad the Sinnerman. What’s exciting about actually getting the casting for this confirmed was that we feared for a while that we’d be spending the first three or four weeks of the season wondering who this character was and if they were someone we knew. We already had some of our think-pieces floating around in the ether suggesting that Welling’s Marcus Pierce could be the character in secret. We’re glad that this is not the case, mostly because it would take away from the part that we were already seeing Tom play. We’re just glad to have this mystery out of the way already.

As for what we do know about the Sinnerman so far, a big part of it includes that there is some sort of history there already between him and Pierce. The finer details of it are not currently clear but we do think this is something that will be explored more in the next couple of episodes. This will help to make Marcus all the more of a central character on this season, and not just have him be someone who is a part of the show just for the sake of being the boss who gives Lucifer a hard time.

Carroll’s a fantastic actor, and with that Lucifer is very much lucky to have him. Seeing how his role manifests itself on the show is one of many different things that we have to be excited about here. This is also going to be a very different sort of role for him to play, one rooted in supernatural origins. The Sinnerman is a master of orchestrating favors and generating deals, something that was hinted at in the premiere. The difference between him and Lucifer is that he may have a very different way of getting people to pay up on the other side.

What do you think about this Kevin Carroll – Lucifer casting?

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