Bull season 2 epsiode 2 review: Did Benny, Bull turn a kid’s life around?

Bull season 2 episode 2Bull season 2 episode 2 probably started off on a darker note than any episode that we’ve seen through the past two dozen episodes. After all, a young man in Adam Harris ended up helping his girlfriend Emily die, fulfilling her last wish rather than undergoing an operation that would sever her from everything she knew.

Here’s the problem: He is now tried for murder, and the case doesn’t look good for him. Even though he didn’t know about her plan in advance, he was still there and he didn’t quite do anything to stop her. Does she have a right to die, and did he have an obligation to stop? The challenge at the center of this case was trying to navigate some moral complexities, and that didn’t just include with the jury. There was also the issue of getting Benny on board. He had a religious obligation to the case as a Catholic and didn’t want to be a part of the case; Bull effectively coerced him to do it, thinking that his point of view would actually help with some of the jurors who may have been morally on the fence about the case.

For Bull, the investment that he had in this case was interesting, to say the least. He remember having a rocky past growing up, and he felt like this kid deserved the chance to keep living. The problem is that as the show and the trial continued there were some more roadblocks. Take, for example, a rocky relationship between the defendant and Emily’s mother over his painkiller addiction from a couple years earlier.

The case started to turn when Cable discovered some breaking news when it comes to Emily’s father — he was taking her to a therapist, and he may have been a little more sympathetic to what she was going through than her mother was. The more that Bull realized that there was dissension within the ranks of Emily’s family, that is when he decided to roll the dice. Even though Emily’s father didn’t give her the drug that she used to kill herself, he basically allowed her to find it and take it. Thanks to Adam’s testimony, he was able to turn around the one mind that matters. After Emily’s father testified, that (plus an emotional final plea from Benny where he used his Catholic background in a very different way than expected) was what turned the jury around in turn.

It wasn’t that much of a shock that Adam was going to be declared not guilty in the end, but the episode wasn’t really about that. It was about Bull finding a way to give this kid a second chance and doing everything that he could to make it happen.

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This was probably the most emotional Bull episode in quite some time; heck, we cannot think of one that made the same impact. We like that it featured Benny defending a case where the victim did something that he didn’t quite believe in; yet, he still found the need to get justice.

Also, this episode gave us a fun, surprising take on Danny’s personal life. The show’s making good on that promise!

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