The Big Bang Theory season 11 episode 3 review: Sheldon and Amy’s wedding woes

Big Bang Theory season 11 promoSo far on The Big Bang Theory season 11 we’ve seen most of the characters with some pretty juicy storylines – like Howard and Bernadette’s second child, Sheldon and Amy getting engaged and Leonard dealing with work issues, but what about Penny and Raj? Raj has had a little bit to do this season, but Penny is in desperate need of a storyline, because so far this season she feels relegated to being the advice giver that keeps everyone else in line and while that’s funny, we really want to see Penny with a juicy storyline of her own this season instead of just guiding the guys through life.

Going into The Big Bang Theory season 11 episode 3 we are going to have the focus back on Sheldon and Amy as they encounter some bumps in the road while planning their wedding, but there will finally be a spotlight on Raj and Stuart too!

Sheldon’s wedding stress

While Amy wants to have the wedding on June 15th, Sheldon wants the perfect wedding date that doesn’t conflict with any birthdays, holidays or other celebrations – for him June 15th is the worst because it’s the day after flag day and we all know how he feels about flags. What’s more concerning to Amy then the wedding date is that Sheldon has started not only talking in his sleep, but it’s a way more laid back version of himself and she wants to know why this is happening. Is this the stress from wedding planning coming out in his subconscious?

Penny once again is the person who is there to offer advice and help Sheldon through this situation and we are still wishing they would give her something to do. The more he thinks about it, the more he realizes just how stressed he is about the wedding and asks Amy to plan the whole wedding and he will be there… which for the most part seems completely out of character for him since he likes to have some semblance of control over a situation if it’s possible.

Raj and Stuart fight for a date

It’s been a while since Raj and Stuart had a good storyline, but tonight Bernadette’s new co-worker (Ruchi) might just be the ticket. Although Bernadette told Howard she just wants to get to know her before bringing in the gang, Howard has other plans as he sends Raj and Stuart to crash their outing. So did she choose to go out with either one of them? She actually asked to go out with both of them, but not because she’s interested in either of them, she just wants to make some friends.

CarterMatt thoughts

Watching Raj and Stuart and take jabs at each other to win over Richie was easily the highlight of the episode and gave us the best laughs, so for us it begs the question of why don’t Raj and Stuart get more material? These two play off each other with perfect comedic timing and having a longer arc of the two of them fighting over the same woman could’ve been a really fun storyline.

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