Supergirl season 3 spoilers: More on Adrian Pasdar’s Morgan Edge

Morgan EdgeIn the midst of many of the Supergirl season 3 stories that are out there, we don’t think all that much has been said about Adrian Pasdar’s role of Morgan Edge. The former Heroes star signed up before the season in a multi-episode arc, and this character is a powerful business tycoon who is more than capable of running things in National City.

Are there some obviously comparisons between Edge and Maxwell Lord, the character from the first season of the show? Absolutely, and show executive producer Andrew Kreisberg seems relatively aware of that. However, at the same time he does his part to Entertainment Weekly to try and separate the two in terms of what they bring to the table:

“Adrian Pasdar is so good. He is so good. We loved Peter [Facinelli] and he’s such a good guy. With Peter, what we were going for was, you’re not quite sure if he’s good and you’re not quite sure if he’s bad. Morgan Edge is just bad, and Adrian is crushing it. Based on episode 1, we’re actually having him for more episodes because we’re so in love with him and his performance. A lot of his scenes are with Katie McGrath and just watching the two of them go toe to toe as titans of industry is really exciting.”

With McGrath now as a regular on the series it absolutely feels as though the writers are not shying away in terms of things to do with this character. For one, it’s been reported already that Reign’s alter ego Samantha Arias (Odette Annable) is going to be taking on a job at L Corp by the second episode of the season. Beyond that, there’s always a chance that she will get a new love interest, there’s this business rivalry that you’re going to see with Morgan Edge, and there is theoretically always that chance you will end up getting an opportunity to see Lex Luthor on the show in the future as an adult. Given that this is a universe where Superman (Tyler Hoechlin) has made a number of appearances on the second season it makes some sense that you could end up getting to see someone else tied to the Man of Steel in due time.

Perhaps the best thing when it comes to Supergirl season 3 right now is the simple fact that we’re only a single week away from the show’s premiere on The CW. We’ve been waiting a long time to see the birth of Reign and a number of other exciting stories, and we’ll have more to share here at CarterMatt as some of that information starts to trickle in a little more.

Are you excited to see Morgan Edge?

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