Major Crimes season 6 premiere photos released by TNT

Major Crimes season 6 premiere photosTNT has recently released Season 6 promo photos of Major Crimes to help make these last 30 days bearable. The photos give fans an inside look into what this season, especially the premiere episode, will hold.

The first photo (see above) shows part of the Major Crimes squad in the electronics room probably watching an interview unfold. Everyone looks focused and intrigued by the interview almost as if whoever they are interviewing is a main suspect. In particular, Lieutenant Flynn looks as though he heard something important or interesting from the suspect while Lieutenant Tao looks like he is about to leave the room in order to verify some piece of information. The most intriguing person in this photo would have to Commander Raydor. In the photo she looks calm like she’s taking in every bit of information whether relevant or not. Her expression is unreadable. That in itself makes us want the new season even more.

The second photo (see below) appears to be the same scene as the first photo only this time the photo is focused on the fan-favorite couple, Shandy. In this promo photo, the duo look hopefully for some information from the suspect or person of interest. Once again, Commander Raydor is focused on the interview at hand, but is slightly more readable do to the pen she appears to be clicking. Typically this is a response to nervousness or when someone is anxious. Maybe this is a person who they are hopeful will lead them to their killer and if they don’t get any information from them, the squad will be back to square one? It’s definitely a possibility.

The third promo photo depicts the crime scene probably from the beginning of the episode. When we first saw this photo the first thing that we noticed was Commander Raydor. Now this may not seem like a big deal, but the fact that she is at the crime scene is. If fans will recall, the only time Commander Raydor makes an appearance at a crime scene is when it’s a big emotional case because usually we don’t see her until after the opening credits. For example, the episode arcs like “White Lies”, “Hindsight”, or “Shockwave”, she made appearances at the crime, but they were all high stakes cases. So even this past observation, we are assuming that the premiere episode’s case is another one of those high stakes ones.

Another aspect worth mention is it’s great to see Buzz wearing a tuxedo looking like a detective or lieutenant. He has certainly made progress in his law enforcement career and we can’t wait to see what else is in store for him.

October 31st will be here before we all know it and hopefully we will get some sneak peeks soon.

Major Crimes returns October 31st with its 13-episode Season 6 on TNT.

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Major Crimes season 6 premiere photos

Major Crimes season 6 premiere photos

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