The Last Poet episode 2 spoilers: The struggles to come

Last Poet episode 2Moving into The Last Poet episode 2 airing on BBC One next week, you may see a wide array of different things. Not only that, but you may receive some sort of form of education about Aden, the port city that was once occupied as a British colony. The city now belongs to Yemen, and this series is very much going to be all about a snapshot in a very specific moment in history. Part of the enjoyment of this show is going to come out of seeing how this story involves, and whether or not some of our main characters find a way to survive what are very dangerous operations and also displacing their family and loved ones. These characters are still very much strangers within a strange land — they’re not familiar with their surroundings, and as a result of that there will be some struggles as all of them figure out precisely how they are going to cope with them.

Luckily, the folks over at the BBC are doing a good job offering up some additional details on The Last Poet now, just in case you are still on the fence as to whether or not you should keep watching. These are rather descriptive, so we suggest having an awareness towards that before reading on.

“As dawn approaches, Sergeant Baxter (Chris Reilly) and Corporal Dimarco (Paul Tinto) join the SAS for Operation Starfish: a top-secret mission to capture Abdul-Kadir Hakim.

Meanwhile, Mary Markham (Amanda Drew) is in labour and rushed to hospital. Yet Major Harry Markham (Ben Miles) must lead his men to rendezvous with the SAS up country and escort the prisoner back.

They are accompanied by American reporter, Martha Franklin (Essie Davis), who has no issue with using her good looks to gain the soldiers’ confidence. Indeed, she immediately entrances Lance Corporal Stoneham (Louis Greatorex), to the irritation of Captain Joe Martin.

As the men leave on their mission, navigating the deadly Dhala Road, Alison introduces Honor to the glamorous BP Club, where they bond over cocktails and meet MI6 operative Harvey Tilbrook (Richard Dillane), purportedly a BP employee.

Major Markham must choose between his men and his family when things don’t go to plan…”

At the center of this series you obviously have a tremendous cast, and beyond that you’re also going to have some dark, suspenseful stories. You’ve got everyone from ordinary men and women to MI6 involved as they continue their investigations. You have probably seen some dramas focusing on the Royal Military Police, but there may not be one quite like this.

What do you want to see on The Last Poet episode 2?

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