The Flash season 4 premiere wishlist: Compelling villains, Iris in charge

Flash season 4 premiere wishlistWhat’s at the top of our The Flash season 4 wishlist? As we await the start of the show on The CW in October, we have ideas.

The first thing worth noting before sharing our five hopes for “The Flash Reborn,” know this: There are no spoilers ahead. There’s speculation based on news that is already out there, but this is taking a look at what, at least in our head, comprises a really strong premiere episode for the show.

Ready to dive in? Well, read on for more of our thoughts here at CarterMatt…

1. An interesting villain of the week – This is something that the series has struggled with over the past few years for the premiere. The early iteration of the Weather Wizard in the pilot was cool, but Atom Smasher in season 2 could’ve been cooler and the less we say about The Rival, the better. You need to get us excited about a villain to start the show, even if you have many other things to address. Our suggestion is to start with a mini Big Bad who appears in the first four or five episodes so that you’re starting off strong right away.

2. Lots of good Iris West material – We know that she is the one working to lead the team with Barry in the Speed Force, so we want to see how that looks and how some of the other team members react to her in that role. Does everyone go along with it?

3. Caitlin’s new role — if she has a new role – What does Caitlin Snow do now? Is she back to being the old version of the character, and how much Killer Frost remains? We want at least a tease as to how production plans on bridging the gap between the two different sides of this character.

4. More Harry from Earth-2 – You need some Tom Cavanagh greatness in the premiere, and while we’re sure that a different iteration of the character will surface eventually, in the early going we’d like to get the one established Harrison Wells we’ve come to know on some level. The team can almost certainly benefit from his level of genius with Barry gone and with them going almost all hands on deck.

5. Some sort of tease on The Thinker – He is the Big Bad at the end of the season, and we imagine that with his first appearance is going to come some intrigue and excitement. Since we already know we’re getting the character and we know Neil Sandilands is playing him, why wait to give the people what they really want here? Just a minute or two of the character should be enough!

What’s on your own The Flash season 4 wishlist?

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