Scandal season 7: Kerry Washington on the depths of Olivia’s power

Kerry WashingtonIn some ways entering Scandal season 7, Olivia Pope has far more power than she ever has before in the series. As the Chief of Staff, she can inform and in some ways control policy. She’s fought hard to earn that spot, and deserves an infinite amount of credit for getting into a position where she can claim what is at this point rightfully hers.

With that being said, does that necessarily mean that Olivia is going to be using her newfound position for good? Not necessarily; now that she doesn’t have to answer to as many people, there’s a chance for her to spiral a little out of control with her power. It’s almost what could’ve happened to her in the past had there been previously few people around her who could control her.

For a little bit more in the way of insight on this phenomenon, star Kerry Washington had the following to say in a new Entertainment Weekly interview:

“I do believe in that saying that fame doesn’t change you, it reveals who you are, so that’s a lot of what this season has been … There’s been a lot of exploration of how can she navigate this extraordinary amount of power being the Chief of Staff of the president and running B613?”

Ultimately, one of the biggest things that we anticipate seeing regarding Olivia’s story this season is her testing the limits of what she can do while screwing up here and there along the way. She has seen so many people occupy this position that she may think at times that it is easier than it is; or, she may assume that the Fitz administration operates somewhat closely to the new one and that may not be the case, either.

In general the biggest thing that we do anticipate seeing through Scandal season 7 are some more surprises as Olivia tries to hammer out her legacy. Nothing will likely go according to plan, but that’s a part of the show. The phrase “it’s handled” is almost an oxymoron because as soon as one thing is, another starts to spiral out of control.

What do you want to see for Kerry Washington in Scandal season 7?

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