Should Poldark season 5 come a year after season 4?

Poldark season 5While Poldark season 4 is filming at the moment in the UK, and season 3 is about to air in the US, questions remain about Poldark season 5. There is speculation already about if it could be the final season thanks to quotes from Aidan Turner and others, but nobody in production has stated one way or another as to whether or not this could be the case.

For the time being, what we do know is this: If a Poldark season 5 is ordered to be filmed in 2018, the series is going to have to brace itself for some challenges. What kind? Think in terms of major time jumps. The Winston Graham novels are known for spanning many decades, and you’re going to be seeing a much different iteration of Ross Poldark, Demelza, or any other of the show’s beloved characters in the event that a fifth season of officially commissioned.

Could the BBC take a huge break, or at least one of a few years, between seasons? There could be some logic towards allowing the cast to gradually age a little while also enabling them to spend a little bit of time pursuing some other work. While there are some off months that come with filming this show, there are still very long production periods and that does limit the sort of work that you are ultimately able to take on. Starring in a big-budget movie, for example, is almost impossible given that there is so much other work that you have to do.

Ultimately, though, we do think that one other show has really set the standard on how to do time jumps in a way that is effective and not necessarily inconvenient for viewers: Outlander. The first few episodes of this show this season have covered the time from Brianna’s birth to her graduation, and you’ve seen the gradual aging process for Claire and Jamie Fraser along that path. The show hasn’t necessarily done anything too obvious to age up the characters; they’ve kept it subtle, but they have shown the passage of time in a gradual way that has actually worked. We don’t think that Poldark season 5 would need to go over the top with the old-age makeup because it wouldn’t be as though any of these characters are becoming senior citizens; they’d still be the same people, so some of this talk over aging people up may just be overblown.

One way or another, this is going to be an interesting topic to revisit and touch on more as we get close to Poldark season 5 coming on the air. We’re absolutely invested in seeing what the network and production decide to do.

What do you think: Will a Poldark season 5 happen not too long after Poldark season 4, or should it benefit from a break? Share in the comments below!

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