The Blacklist season 5 spoilers: A big Reddington – Cooper episode ahead!

The Blacklist logo any seasonIf you love unique character pairings, odds are you’ll be thrilled that a big Reddington – Cooper episode is coming to The Blacklist season 5.

Speaking per Entertainment Weekly showrunner Jon Bokenkamp confirmed this news, but also went so far as to detail why this collaboration should be so interesting:

“Cooper has a great storyline coming up where we actually get to see Cooper and Reddington step outside the Post Office and knock on a few doors together … [He’s] not really setting the badge aside, but we get to see them team up, which is something that we haven’t done before. Cooper has a story that’s incredibly personal to him that’s going to be coming to roost quite soon.”

Are we interested in seeing what kind of dynamic these two will have together in this capacity? Absolutely, since the picture of a Reddington – Cooper episode in our brain consists of Cooper spending most of his time making sure that Reddington is behaving himself while still trying to get the job done. Cooper likes to be a little more control and follow the letter of the law, even if he does still have a tendency to drift from it here and there (like we saw with him taking a piece of evidence to conduct a DNA test). In that regard, nobody within the FBI Task Force is all that perfect at this point.

No matter when this Reddington – Cooper episode airs, we’re 100% convinced that Reddington has a lot on his plate. After all, remember that we’ve just learned courtesy of the recent premiere that at some point in the future, things are going to get so bad between him and Tom Keen that he is going to potentially take his life. We’re not sure if he will be successful (crazy things happen in the world of The Blacklist), but based on what we know about Reddington he does have a tendency to act out when he thinks that someone is intent on destroying him. Look at what he did to Mr. Kaplan when he tried to her the first time! You also have to remember that Reddington has never quite been the President of the Tom Keen fan club and considers him to be a major thorn in his side. He’d probably like for nothing more than to see this character slink off into the nearest abyss.

As for happier times, Reddington is going to continue his collaborations with Liz Keen! We know that this relationship is somewhat invigorated now after the big paternity reveal, but sometimes things only have a tendency to stay so great for so long. There is clearly another shoe out there waiting to drop, and Tom’s in possession of it.

(Photo: NBC.)

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