The Big Bang Theory season 11 spoilers: Sheldon / Amy tension only beginning

Sheldon / AmyOn The Big Bang Theory season 11 so far, we’ve seen a Sheldon / Amy proposal! However, we’ve also seen some trouble pop in here and there. One of the biggest issues the two parties had to work through in the premiere was Sheldon dealing with the sole reminder that while he may fashion himself this sort of big science superstar, that’s not the way things are going right now. Amy is considered a brilliant mind in her field, and on the East Coast her work is especially regarded well.

What we’re ultimately getting to here with Jim Parsons’ character his him starting to make a very important revelation: It doesn’t quite matter what he thinks about himself or his abilities, since other people may shift their thinking in a way that doesn’t suit him. He is going to have to prepare for not being the most brilliant scientist in the group in the eyes of others for a while. This is something that new showrunner Steve Holland noted more in a new interview with Entertainment Weekly:

“The physics world, especially with the Large Hadron Collider, they were expecting much bigger breakthroughs that they really haven’t seen, whereas neuroscience is really flourishing, it’s such an exciting field and it’s getting a lot of money thrown at it … So one of the things we’re going to deal with in a little bit of an arc for Sheldon and Amy is that her career is really taking off and his isn’t doing as well. That’s an interesting place for Sheldon to be. Not only does he think he’s there greatest scientist, but he thinks that physics is the greatest science. He obviously loves and respects Amy, so having him have to deal with those emotions is going to be really fun.”

Basically, Sheldon may think that he’s the most brilliant person in the room, but he is not going to be able to convince other people of that in a while. He needs to learn to take a back seat and realize that if he continues to do the great work that he’s done so far, his moment in the sun will probably become. He just needs to learn a little humility first. He’ll get there; the thing that often gets lost in the midst of his meltdowns is that Sheldon is a good-natured character with a big heart, but he does have problems from time to time when it comes to expressing himself or putting others first. If he separates himself from those impulses there’s a good chance that he’ll be a little bit better in the end.

Do you think that Sheldon / Amy will overcome this drama without many problems?

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