The X-Files season 11 spoilers: What’s ahead for Mulder, Scully?

X-Files season 11 spoilersWhat are we going to see for Mulder and Scully on The X-Files season 11? Obviously, they’re popular as partners — but can they work as more again?

One of the landmarks of this series over time has been watching these two characters swing on the relationship pendulum from one direction to the other. Once the two were finally together, there was obviously a hope that they would be able to stay that way; unfortunately, that ended up now happening and we’re left once more in a position to wonder what could be … or are we? It does look as though some happier times are ahead for the two, at least in terms of a romantic relationship. (Rest assured, there are still plenty of other problems, which is probably assumed for a show like The X-Files where something almost always seems to go wrong.)

In speaking to Entertainment Weekly, showrunner Chris Carter does note that fans of this pairing “have something to look forward to” over the course of the upcoming season. Even if something between the two does not happen immediately, there’s still plenty of hope that it’s going to happen over the course of the series itself. Meanwhile, Carter also does make it clear that all of the issues with Mulder and Scully’s son William are going to rise to the forefront moving into the new season, which makes sense given the way in which season 10 came to a close. You had to expect that one way or another, eventually you were going to see this storyline play out on a show in a big way.

Will it be in every episode? Probably not, mostly because that isn’t quite the X-Files way. If you’ve seen this show a lot over the years, one of the things that you’ve probably come to realize is that it has a tendency to alternate between the mythology storylines and things that are a little more episodic. The relationship between Mulder and Scully is important, but it feels like a mistake to sit here and say that it’s woven into every single story that you have a chance to see on the show. Instead, there are a series of peaks and valleys for it, and in the end each episode is designed to be an entertaining experience of its own.

All we know is that we want the Mulder-Scully banter to be top-notch when the show returns, and we want them to have creative, interesting adventures. So long as we get that, we know we’ll be satisfied in the end.

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