Grey’s Anatomy season 14 and the state of Meredith, Nathan, Megan (video)

Grey's Anatomy season 14The Grey’s Anatomy season 14 premiere is a mere matter of hours away, and it’s great to finally feel that eagerness again. The show is almost back! With that of course comes many a meaty storyline, with one of the meatiest ones being the arrival of the Meredith – Nathan – Megan “love triangle.” It feels almost weird calling it that given that these are people who are grown adults and should know better than to lead people on.

Yet, that is precisely what Nathan is doing to a certain extent as he has two different women he cares about in Megan Hunt and Meredith Grey. He cares about both of them — one represents his present, and the other represents his past. He was stunned to learn that his presumed-dead fiancé (played here by Abigail Spencer) is actually still alive, but in the process of that he is struggling with his feelings. He cannot help the fact that he cares about Meredith now, and he also cannot just turn those feelings off because Megan is back. Meanwhile, a part of his brain is probably struggling with the thought of obligation. Does he owe it to himself to give things another shot with Megan, and is he feeling some guilt that he moved forward and found some element of happiness with Meredith?

The two sneak peeks below share the delicacy of the situation, starting with the fact that Nathan doesn’t even want to be truthful with Megan about him finding someone else. This is where some of that guilt comes in; nonetheless, Megan doesn’t want him to feel sorry for her just because she’s back. She’s going to respect him a whole lot more if he just tells her the truth, which is why she presses him on the matter. He’s obviously trying to dance around the issue, knowing that it’s tough and knowing that it could hurt her.

For most of his adult life, Nathan probably dreamed of the moment where Megan would come back and re-entered his life. He wanted nothing more than to be with her again. That’s why it is in turn so difficult now to reconcile walking away from her. He feels as though he is letting a certain part of himself and his history down.

Rest assured that we’ll be back at CarterMatt later tonight in order to cover both the premiere of Grey’s Anatomy and this entire situation more. It’s messy, but the messiness of it is one of the reasons why we enjoy this show.

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