Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers spotlight: Meet Lauren Rimmer, fisherman and single mom

Lauren RimmerThere is a lot to like about Lauren Rimmer as a contestant on Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers even before the season starts. For one, she is instantly memorable — we don’t get a lot of people on the show like her, and she seems like an average person trying to make things meet other than some typical meathead or actor/model type we often see. She’s definitely a part of the Hustlers tribe, as it seems like that’s something that she has been doing most of her life.

Does her background make her tailor-made to do well on this season of the show? We’ll do our best to take a longer look at that below.

Age – 35.

Location – Beaufort, North Carolina. It’s a relatively small coastal town, and it’s a place where Lauren claims there aren’t too many opportunities for people to make ends meet.

Bio – She works primarily as a fisherman, but she does whatever she has to do and works long hours as a single mom to make sure that she provides and gives her child a great life. She is super-dedicated, and seems very grateful just for the change to go somewhere and do something that she wouldn’t get to otherwise. She’s very organized and has a very specific manner in which she likes to do things. Our feeling is that a whole lot of this stems from her figuring out a pattern that worked for her during her time on the job.

Past Survivor comparison – We see her a combination of Denise from Survivor: China and Shambo form Samoa, though for some reasons he claims that she’s not like anyone who has been on the show before. Typically, this means that the given person hasn’t seen a whole lot of it over the years.

Oh, and of course we couldn’t leave out fishmonger Lydia from Guatemala!

Strengths – She’s going to be a beast around camp. She’ll help to build shelter, keep things organized, and turn the place into a well-oiled machine. She’s also someone who holds to a very specific set of values and we’re not sure she would be willing to separate things in the game from real life. Therefore, she’s great as a trustworthy ally and someone you can rely on in terms of your social game. She should be decent in most competitions.

Weaknesses – If she gets annoyed by people who are messy or don’t follow the same code as her, she’s going to have trouble. Flexibility is key to winning the game, as is being able to make big moves when you need to. We’re not altogether sure that she is capable of doing either one of these things.

Pre-show prediction – As a person, Lauren is one of our favorites in the cast since she’s a true original, she has a big personality, and we can see her having some great moments out in the game. Alas, we’re not sure she can win and could easily be a pre-merge boot just because she doesn’t mesh with other people. Ultimately, the most likely arc for her is that she finishes in a similar spot (late jury) to Shambo and Denise, mostly because she is such a great story that she could attract jury votes at the end.

How well do you think that Lauren Rimmer is going to do on Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers? Let us know in the comments below!

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