Ink Master season 10 premiere date hopes: When should it be back?

Ink Master season 10 premiere dateLeading up to tonight’s season 9 finale, doesn’t now feel like the right time to discuss the Ink Master season 10 premiere date? It’s never too early…

The first thing that we should note is that there will be an Ink Master season 10 coming in 2018. This news was confirmed earlier this year by Spike, with there being two interesting caveats that you should know about in advance of it airing.

1. Spike will no longer be Spike – The show’s network will be changing its name in the new year to The Paramount Network, which reminds us a little bit of UPN in name. (Remember UPN?) The network is going to offer much of the same programming including Ink Master, but the goal of the rebrand seems to be to draw a larger viewership to the network. We could go into whether or not this is a good move, especially since there are so few networks catering mostly to men, but that is probably a different discussion for a different day.

2. Ink Master: Angels kicks off next week – There will still be programming coming related to Ink Master, so you don’t have to wait until long for more! The spin-off series is going to feature Nikki Simpson, Gia Rose, Ryan Ashley Malarkey, and Kelly Doty who are going to be traveling the country and scouting some new tattoo talent. Someone from this show could end up being a part of Ink Master season 10, so it’s recommended viewing in the event you want to get your Ink Master fix over the next couple of months. Also, we are going to have exclusive CarterMatt interviews with all four of the aforementioned artists leading up to the premiere in the next few days so be sure to check back for those!

As of right now, our early assumption would be that Ink Master will return with new episodes in either the winter or the spring. Typically, the show has operated under a pattern where it airs three seasons in two years — there’s a summer season, a winter / spring season the following year, and then a fall season later in that same year. It’s therefore possible we could get a season 10 and a potential season 11 in 2018. We are hoping more details are going to be revealed about the upcoming tenth season during tonight’s finale (which we will be covering so stick around), but we have a feeling that there are going to be plenty of fireworks already given that Cleen Rock One will probably still have some aggravated fans in attendance. Also, you’ve got three brilliant teams competing tonight in Old Town Ink, Black Cobra Tattoo, and Basilica Tattoo fighting to win the grand prize and the Master Shop title.

As for what we hope will happen in Ink Master season 10, we’d like to see the show returning to it’s roots and bringing in all newbie artists performing without the strength of a team; as a matter of fact, we’d love to see them go back to basics and not rely so much on twists or artists with builtin fan bases. If they want to bring some artists back as guest judges, we would love to see that happen. Honestly, we have always been surprised that the show doesn’t use the Ink Master winners in following seasons as either a mentor or guest judge. It’s a great way to bring back fans that were rooting for that artist to win as well as incorporate a winner into the show moving forward.

Update: It’s returning in January!

This was announced tonight, and you can click here to read more about next season.

What do you want the Ink Master season 10 premiere date to be?

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